Saturday, 31 May 2014

Up All Night

For those of you who are having a fun filled Saturday night, here is a little playlist i have made that might give your night the music it has been waiting for! Go check it!


Peace & Love,

Welcome To The World Of Mod Scooter Rallies.


Back again with another post so soon! I just could not help myself and i have had a very interesting day today, that i thought it would make such an interesting post! So, i am currently sat with my Topshop nighty on, chocolate smeared around my face, listening to some Acid House music very loudly, which is how i have decided to be whilst writing this post. And that is a bloggers life folks. You can be sat here in a state you are slightly ashamed of, and no one will any the wiser! Unless you tell them, in which i just have...

Since i was around 14 years old, i have somewhat embraced the female style of the 60's. Everyday since i discovered liquid eyeliner, i have painted cat flicks onto my eyes, put volume into the back of my hair, and idolised women such as Patti Boyd, Edie Sedgwick, Jean Shrimpton, and Anna Karina. However, it was only when i met my current boyfriend, that the word "Mod" became a big part of my vocabulary and life. Yes, it was odd that being a girl who loved everything about the 60's, i had not really heard much about Mod's. Of course i knew about the whole Mod verses the Rockers thing (my dad was a mod in his teens) but i had not really explored the meaning behind the word. You soon learn about the two different ages of Mod's, the originals from the 60's and the revival of the Mod's in the late 70's/early 80's. Yet, i can assure you, once introduced to the world of the Mod, i soon realised they are everywhere! The style, the merchandise, the scooters, etc! When i moved to Brighton, it was like being hit in the face by a giant blue, white, and red roundel! It really is the city of Mod's! I soon learnt that there are 3 key things to being a Mod...

1. Style.
2. The music.
3. Scooters.  

Being the girlfriend of a Mod there is one element that you may have to take part in, and that is scooter rallies! Now, there are a lot of scooter rallies held all over England, the biggest being in London, Brighton, and the Isle of Wight. I have been to a few on the back of my boyfriends scooter, most recently being today near Portsmouth. To me, it is one big parade of who has the prettiest scooter. There are usually around 200 scooters at a good scooter rally, and the majority of them are Lambretta's  and Vespa's. Dare to bring any other brand of a scooter and you are royally looked down on. Todays rally was the Hayling Island National Rally and the agenda went as followed: Firstly everyone met at an agreed place (this being arranged by the people who organised the scooter rally) which was Mill Rythe Holiday Park. There they had a band, a rally DJ, lots of scooters, and endless stalls of Mod clothes, a dealer market, a custom show, and lots of beer! After walking around and gazing at all the scooters, everyone rode off to the seafront, stopped to have some form of alcohol, and then they all rode back. Some people spend the entire weekend at a scooter rally and some people only spend a few hours... my boyfriend and myself being part of the latter. If you are not really into this sort of thing, or didn't even know it was a thing (like me a few years ago) then i can easily see how this sounds mind numbingly boring, and i'll be honest, on occasions it can be. However, after looking around at some beautiful scooters, having a drink or two, riding through country roads in the sunshine with your hair flapping about all over the place... scooter rallies can really grow on you. They are a lovely celebration of the Mod culture, and for that i love them! 

Sorry i do not have lots of photographs to show you from todays scooter rally. But i hope this post has given you a nice little insight to the world of a Mod and their love and devotion to the machines that they ride. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or sending me a tweet to my twitter!

Peace & Love, 


Friday, 30 May 2014

My Top 5 Places To Go In Brighton.

Hello again!

      If you follow my twitter you will know that i have been very excited about doing this blog post and i have been travelling all over the city of Brighton, collecting photographs and all the information that i have needed. And i'll tell you this... it has been so much fun!! The places i am going to be talking about are, in my mind, amazing and magical and even though they are just a few places of Brighton, they add so much to the city! Some of the places i visit often (One of them i visit so much, it's almost an addiction), and a couple i go to rarely but they have made such an impression on me, that i am a little in love. 

      When i first came to Brighton, a little under 2 years ago, I was hit by a massive culture shock! I had come to a place that was extremely open minded, creative, indulgent, and just bonkers!! And did i love it? F*ck Yeah! Brighton was everything i wanted in a city. I have never grown tired of strolling around the lanes, getting blown over on the seafront, and almost getting hit by speeding cyclists. There is so much to explore and i am constantly discovering hidden gems of places to go to! Yet, the thing i love most about this city is the variety of people. Yes, Brighton is the number 1 gay city in England and thats brilliant, but it is also so much more than just that. The culture is so alive and the different types of people you meet is such a precious experience to have. So, do i think Brighton is the place to be? YES. Am i biased? Of course! The points i am covering are only a few of what i love about Brighton and why. The only way to really see what Brighton is like is to come here yourself and experience the magic! So, you got me. I hold my hands up in the air that this whole post is me trying to bribe you into coming Brighton. I feel like i should add some glitter and feathers to this post now. 
      The places i have picked are no way in order of my preference for them. It would be incredibly hard for me to whittle them down to an order and i am not willing to go through the tears and tantrums of trying to decide. So, whether you have already been to Brighton and have experienced  some of the fab and fun places i am about to preach about, or if you are simply visiting and in need of a few ideas on where to go... then keep reading my lovelies because i have some absolute beauts to tell you about!

1. NEST.

Nest is a small boat of a cafe in a huge sea of competition when it comes to cafe's and coffee houses in Brighton. And for me, Nest stands out the most! Snuggled nicely along Kensington Gardens in the North Laines, this cafe offers all and more that you would expect from a decent cafe. The staff are lovely and welcoming and add a personal touch when preparing your drink. I am going to leave the subject of coffee till last as that of course is the main reason i go there, but coffee is not just what Nest offers. Their range of tea can suit any mood. Whether you are someone who enjoys the spice of Earl grey, to a cleansing green tea, and a whole range of fruity teas. They also offer a great choice of savoury food if you fancy stopping for lunch. When i usually go in, my main goal is coffee and something for my sweet tooth. However, when your eyes fall upon the fresh salads and the preciously put together panini's, it is very hard to resist. For someone with a sweet tooth, like i said, whenever i go in, i can in no way resist the display of cakes, pies, brownies, muffins, etc. They are always scrumptious!! And of course, go down very well with one of Nest's coffees. Now i am a creature of habit. I try hard to try different things off of a menu, but when i find a favourite... well, obviously i will usually stick to it. My usual from nest is their cappuccino, and it has to be the best i have ever had. I love strong flavours. Coffee, cheese, chocolate, i like them rich! And the coffee from Nest is just that. You get what you want from Nest, and that is simply a high quality, rich in flavour, strong coffee and an all round lovely cafe experience.


      Along the main road of Preston Circus, proudly sits the Duke of York Picture House. Lets face it, it's not that hard to miss. With it's stunning appearance on the outside, it doesn't let you down when you walk through the green doors. It is pretty standard when you go to the cinema to get a coke and popcorn, which the Duke of York offers, but it also gives you choices that any indulgent person would find hard to resist. Amongst the popcorn and sweets, sits beautifully made cakes and a choice of wine and other alcohol such as beer and cider. Who wouldn't want to sit down to a film with a fat slice of cake and a glass of wine?! Dreams are made here people. There is one thing that the Duke of York can promise, and thats that you do not have a wonder through what feels like endless corridors to find screen number 12. This cinema has only one screen, and that is simply because it used to be an old picture house and it is easy to tell they try to keep true to what the Duke of York was first built to be. The choice of seats is endless, with even the option of going upstairs onto the balcony and sprawling yourself across a comfy sofa. The films they show are old and new. Whether your going to see an old classic that you love, or a recently released french film. I recently went to the Duke of York to go see the new Wes Anderson film 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and the Duke of York had stalls set up of the perfume that you see in the movie. It was great! So, whether you are going there with the person you love, your friends, or simply by yourself, I can grantee you will have a lovely evening!


      Ever been to paradise? No? Well i have, and there was a lot more vintage crockery than i expected. Snoopers Paradise is also snuggled along Kensington Gardens in the North Laines. But do not be fooled by it's small entrance, as it is the biggest shop along the laine. In fact, it is the biggest antique and vintage shop i have ever been in. Which is great, as it offers lots and lots of nick knacks that, if like me, you will be walking out with bags full.  From old vintage clothes, retro furniture, colourful crockery, old photographs, beloved vinyl records, to even an old photo booth snuggled amongst all the wonderful things you get in Snoopers Paradise. I dragged my boyfriend into the old photo booth today, and now i have a lovely little momentum! Believe me, you can be in Snoopers Paradise for hours and hours, just looking through all the things they have and being full of wonder at things you find. So if you are into antique and vintage shops, then Snoopers Paradise is the place to go!


      Along Bartholowmews road is the best restaurant and cocktail bar i have ever been to! And this is my honest opinion. Plateau is a french restaurant that offers an experience that you are never going to forget. I have been to Plateau a few times before, but last night i went again and it absolutely blew me away! When you walk in you are instantly welcomed by such a friendly staff that make you feel like you have known them for years! Plateau is a very intimate restaurant with two floors that each only sit around 20 people. So, if you go on a weekend book ahead as it is a much loved place, so you my have to fight for a table. Last night i ate food that was the best food i have ever eaten and i tasted flavours that i have never had before, at which i want to kiss the feet of plateau (Ew), thanking them for introducing me to a whole new food level! Here is as follows what i had last night:
      Starter: Mackereal with pickled cucumber and diced jersey royals in a horseradish sauce. (Amazing!!!)
      Main: Baked plaice, with charred leaks, mussels, and dauphinoise potato. (Delicious)
      Dessert. White chocolate pave, gariguette strawberries, and dark chocolate sorbet. (Best dessert i have ever had!)

      The wine they had on offer was a huge variety that would suit any mood and meal. They also have a large choice of cocktails which are truly yummy! Is Plateau a bit pricey? Yes. Do you get your monies worth? 100%. I had such a lovely night last night, and i cannot rave about this place enough! Just go. You'll love it. 


      You may have already heard of Choccy Woochy Doo Dah, as they have their own reality television show for christ sake! With two shops, the original being in Brighton on Meeting House Lane and a recently opened one in London, Choccy Whoochy Doo Dah is one for the tourists, and of course chocolate lovers of the world! They specialise in cakes, i was watching their show once and they made Boy George's birthday cake! (Not a fan of Culture Club? ok. your missing out, but your choice. If you are though, i love you already!) and they offer a range of absolutely bonker chocolate creations. No matter what age you are, as soon as you walk in you will automatically feel 8 years old again. The quality of the chocolate is beautiful (dare i say just as good as, or even better than Cadbury?...Yes i do!) Currently they have a dinosaur theme going on, (as you can see by the photo above) and they are constantly mixing it up, which obviously keeps you going back for more just to get a glimpse at what they have created next! 

    And that is my top 5 places to go to in Brighton! I really do hope you enjoyed this post and it has opened your eyes to some of the magical places that Brighton has to offer. I have really loved making this post as it gave me an excuse to go to all my favourite places (I go to some of them all the time, so this week they must have thought i was stalking them! Can you stalk places....? I don't know.) If you do happen to read this post and it inspires you to go to one of these places, please tweet me at @lexihardy04 and let me know as it would 100% make my day/week/year! So, this has been my love letter to Brighton and i will be back again soon with another post. 

Peace & Love,


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

25 Facts About Me!


      Welcome to my rather improuptu post! I know in my last post i said my next post will be about my top 5 places in Brighton, and that is still on it's way! However, this evening i was thinking about what other blog posts i can do, and thats when i thought of 25 random facts about me...and, well, i got too excited about it, so i just had to do it now! One thing you will learn about me is that i am not a patient person!

  1. I hate custard! Personally, i think it tastes like sick.
  2. I moved out of my family home in Leicestershire when i was 19, to live in Brighton with my boyfriend.
  3. I think i can sing a lot better than i actually can. However, that doesn't stop me from singing!
  4. My favourite drink is water. Woo, H2O!
  5. My favourite alcoholic drink is Gin & Tonic with lots and lots of lime.
  6. I am a really bad impulse buyer. I see it, i want it, i buy it. 
  7. I sucked my thumb until i was 11.
  8. I play the bass guitar. 
  9. I love driving on long journies by myself because i can have my music deafingly loud and i can sing at full pelt! Does that make me a bad driver?
  10. I am an emotional person. Like, REALLY emotional. Even if something is not that sad, i will be the person in the corner sobbing. 
  11. I used to go to Devon every summer as a child.
  12. I get overly excited about Christmas. It is only the end of May right now and i am already excited for Christmas this year!
  13. I am a terrible speller. Just awful. 
  14. I broke my leg when i was 3 whilst in a supermarket. 
  15. I have 6 piercings. All on my ears.
  16. I have suffered from anxiety & panic attacks since i was 14.
  17. My favourite television show is 'The Mighty Boosh'. "I'M OLD GREG!"
  18. I can be a really fussy eater, depending on my mood. 
  19. I love markets and car boots sales. As it means i can buy lots of junk that i don't need!
  20. I am scared of flying. I once delayed a plane by an hour... but we won't go into that story!
  21. I love to draw! But, personally do not think i am good enough to make it a career. 
  22. When i love a song, i will play it on repeat until i am sick of it.
  23. I once got addicted to slush puppies. It was a fun couple of weeks full of sugar rushes!
  24. I am supposed to wear glasses, but they don't agree with my face. 
  25. I love to pout. As you can see by the photographs above! 
  And thats it folks! I would love to know if you guys have any similar random facts about you. If you do tweet me at @lexihardy04

Peace & Love,


Monday, 26 May 2014

Introducing Myself.

Hello Everyone!

      I was so amazed by the amount of you that viewed my first post! I wanted to do something that wasn't the norm to start off my blog, so i created a Spotify playlist. Thank you to those of you that took the time to listen to it and i really hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it. 
      Now to introduce myself and my blog! I want to keep this short, as i would like you all to get to know me more through my blog posts. I have decided to do a short bio. So, lets get down to business...

  • Name: Alexandra Hardy
  • Nickname: Alex
  • Age: 21
  • Reside: Brighton, East Sussex.
  • Living Situation: Currently living with my boyfriend. 
  • Hobbies: Art. Music. Film. Fashion. Cake.
  • Women who inspire me: My mum. And any women that break the rules of society.
  • Social Media: Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Pinterest. Instagram. (I will link all my social media down below)
  • What Makes Me Cry: Anything & Everything.
      And so the list could go on, but you shall discover more about me in time.
      My blog is pretty much going to be a lifestyle blog. I am going to take you on the journey of what i get up to in my life and what i discover along the way. I recon we are going to have some fun together! So i hope this post has given you all a little insight into what you are getting yourselves into. My next post is going to be about my top 5 places to go to in Brighton!! Brighton is such an amazing city, so it shall be hard for me to narrow down all the places to just 5 but i will give it a go! Until next time dudes...

Peace & Love,

Twitter: @lexihardy04
Instagram: alexhardy04

*Insert cheesy photograph of myself*


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Spotify Playlist

Hi everyone!!
Welcome to my brand new blog! I am very excited about starting this blog and it is something i have wanted to do for a while.  I did not want my first blog post to be me introducing myself, which i think would be fairly long and dull right now. So before i get into all of that, i thought it would be a good idea to make a fun playlist to welcome you all to my blog! Let me know what you think and ENJOY.

Peace & Love,

Saturday Night Grooving
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