Tuesday, 27 May 2014

25 Facts About Me!


      Welcome to my rather improuptu post! I know in my last post i said my next post will be about my top 5 places in Brighton, and that is still on it's way! However, this evening i was thinking about what other blog posts i can do, and thats when i thought of 25 random facts about me...and, well, i got too excited about it, so i just had to do it now! One thing you will learn about me is that i am not a patient person!

  1. I hate custard! Personally, i think it tastes like sick.
  2. I moved out of my family home in Leicestershire when i was 19, to live in Brighton with my boyfriend.
  3. I think i can sing a lot better than i actually can. However, that doesn't stop me from singing!
  4. My favourite drink is water. Woo, H2O!
  5. My favourite alcoholic drink is Gin & Tonic with lots and lots of lime.
  6. I am a really bad impulse buyer. I see it, i want it, i buy it. 
  7. I sucked my thumb until i was 11.
  8. I play the bass guitar. 
  9. I love driving on long journies by myself because i can have my music deafingly loud and i can sing at full pelt! Does that make me a bad driver?
  10. I am an emotional person. Like, REALLY emotional. Even if something is not that sad, i will be the person in the corner sobbing. 
  11. I used to go to Devon every summer as a child.
  12. I get overly excited about Christmas. It is only the end of May right now and i am already excited for Christmas this year!
  13. I am a terrible speller. Just awful. 
  14. I broke my leg when i was 3 whilst in a supermarket. 
  15. I have 6 piercings. All on my ears.
  16. I have suffered from anxiety & panic attacks since i was 14.
  17. My favourite television show is 'The Mighty Boosh'. "I'M OLD GREG!"
  18. I can be a really fussy eater, depending on my mood. 
  19. I love markets and car boots sales. As it means i can buy lots of junk that i don't need!
  20. I am scared of flying. I once delayed a plane by an hour... but we won't go into that story!
  21. I love to draw! But, personally do not think i am good enough to make it a career. 
  22. When i love a song, i will play it on repeat until i am sick of it.
  23. I once got addicted to slush puppies. It was a fun couple of weeks full of sugar rushes!
  24. I am supposed to wear glasses, but they don't agree with my face. 
  25. I love to pout. As you can see by the photographs above! 
  And thats it folks! I would love to know if you guys have any similar random facts about you. If you do tweet me at @lexihardy04

Peace & Love,


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