Saturday, 31 May 2014

Welcome To The World Of Mod Scooter Rallies.


Back again with another post so soon! I just could not help myself and i have had a very interesting day today, that i thought it would make such an interesting post! So, i am currently sat with my Topshop nighty on, chocolate smeared around my face, listening to some Acid House music very loudly, which is how i have decided to be whilst writing this post. And that is a bloggers life folks. You can be sat here in a state you are slightly ashamed of, and no one will any the wiser! Unless you tell them, in which i just have...

Since i was around 14 years old, i have somewhat embraced the female style of the 60's. Everyday since i discovered liquid eyeliner, i have painted cat flicks onto my eyes, put volume into the back of my hair, and idolised women such as Patti Boyd, Edie Sedgwick, Jean Shrimpton, and Anna Karina. However, it was only when i met my current boyfriend, that the word "Mod" became a big part of my vocabulary and life. Yes, it was odd that being a girl who loved everything about the 60's, i had not really heard much about Mod's. Of course i knew about the whole Mod verses the Rockers thing (my dad was a mod in his teens) but i had not really explored the meaning behind the word. You soon learn about the two different ages of Mod's, the originals from the 60's and the revival of the Mod's in the late 70's/early 80's. Yet, i can assure you, once introduced to the world of the Mod, i soon realised they are everywhere! The style, the merchandise, the scooters, etc! When i moved to Brighton, it was like being hit in the face by a giant blue, white, and red roundel! It really is the city of Mod's! I soon learnt that there are 3 key things to being a Mod...

1. Style.
2. The music.
3. Scooters.  

Being the girlfriend of a Mod there is one element that you may have to take part in, and that is scooter rallies! Now, there are a lot of scooter rallies held all over England, the biggest being in London, Brighton, and the Isle of Wight. I have been to a few on the back of my boyfriends scooter, most recently being today near Portsmouth. To me, it is one big parade of who has the prettiest scooter. There are usually around 200 scooters at a good scooter rally, and the majority of them are Lambretta's  and Vespa's. Dare to bring any other brand of a scooter and you are royally looked down on. Todays rally was the Hayling Island National Rally and the agenda went as followed: Firstly everyone met at an agreed place (this being arranged by the people who organised the scooter rally) which was Mill Rythe Holiday Park. There they had a band, a rally DJ, lots of scooters, and endless stalls of Mod clothes, a dealer market, a custom show, and lots of beer! After walking around and gazing at all the scooters, everyone rode off to the seafront, stopped to have some form of alcohol, and then they all rode back. Some people spend the entire weekend at a scooter rally and some people only spend a few hours... my boyfriend and myself being part of the latter. If you are not really into this sort of thing, or didn't even know it was a thing (like me a few years ago) then i can easily see how this sounds mind numbingly boring, and i'll be honest, on occasions it can be. However, after looking around at some beautiful scooters, having a drink or two, riding through country roads in the sunshine with your hair flapping about all over the place... scooter rallies can really grow on you. They are a lovely celebration of the Mod culture, and for that i love them! 

Sorry i do not have lots of photographs to show you from todays scooter rally. But i hope this post has given you a nice little insight to the world of a Mod and their love and devotion to the machines that they ride. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or sending me a tweet to my twitter!

Peace & Love, 


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