Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Playlist

I have had a nice relaxing weekend this week so I have created a more chilled out playlist to reflect my mood. If you need something to listen to whilst your slightly occupied by something else, or even just want to sit, chill out and relax, this playlist (in my opinion) would be perfect for you!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

My June Favourites - Beauty Edition.

I have made some absolute great beauty discoveries this month which i have been very eager to share with you all! There is a little bit of everything this month with items for hair, nails, body, face, etc. So you are pretty much going to see my favourites for each of those categories. I am going to be honest with you and tell you that i have been trying to cut back on my beauty splurges this month. The reason for this being the boyfriend and I are saving for a new flat. I know a lot of you out there can relate with the pain i have felt in doing so when it comes to saving. It isn't easy walking past the MAC section of Debenhams without pausing to look at all the beautiful lipsticks. Yet, i walked away! I walked with sadness, but still away from the danger zone!

Down to the juicy stuff now!

Starting off with my two favourite make-up items i have been using this month. Both of them have made a very brief feature in a couple of my previous posts but here is where you get to read why and what i love about them!

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette Flushed.

I got given this palette as a christmas present last year at the same time i got given my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. As you all know i absolutely adore the Naked 3 palette and use it just about everyday. However, for some reason i was not as excited to receive the Naked Flushed palette. Personally, my day to day make-up routine does not really feature much bronzer. The reason for that is because i am rather a pale person and do not want to come across as an giant orange. Since then i have made acquaintances with many bronzers and figured out how to apply them so that it gives my face that bit of contrast it needs after apply my foundation. Saying all that, I am a big fan of blusher! I love a nice rosy tint to my cheeks! 
The Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette is spilt into 3 sections. The first being a bronzer, second a highlighter, and the third a blusher. As a set they compliment each other perfectly and i find them really easy to use. In my opinion, it is the perfect starter kit if you are want to start experimenting with adding definition to your face and make-up. 

2. MAC Lipstick "Brave" A24

Hello, my little beauty! My one true love. My queen of the lipsticks! ...
Yes ladies... this is my favourite lipstick in my collection. What was i doing before i discovered MAC Lipsticks i do not know! I can tell you now that i have tried many different brands of lipstick and MAC is my favourite. I have discovered that it has the longest lasting coverage, applies the best, and dries my lips out the least. This lipstick in particular is just the bomb-digity! Since purchasing it, i have worn it pretty much everyday. The colour is just the perfect balance of pink and nude and goes with every outfit and make-up i wear. When all else fails, i know i have this little piece of beauty heaven to rely on! 

3. Essie Nail Lacquear "Limo-Scene".

When it comes to nail varnish and colours, i like to stick to what i know and like. I am afraid i am a basic nail colour kind of gal and i do not venture into the world of patterns and 3D when i am doing my nails. My favourite colour to paint my nails is nude shades. This can range from the off whites to a pinkish beige. I like colours that compliment my skin and finger shape. 
Do not assume that this restricts me when it comes to buying new nail varnish. I am always on the hunt for another great nude shade or a different brand and yes, even a different colour. I like to mix things up now and again. Maybe get a little crazy in the nail varnish aisle. 
I have heard many positive things about the Essie brand and was very eager to try them for myself. They have an absolutely beautiful range of colours but of course i was drawn to the pretty colour that is "limo-scene". Since purchasing it, it has soon become my favourite spring/summer nail varnish. The quality of Essie is very nice. I was really impressed when applying "limo-scene" and found that after a week of having it on, it was still holding its own. I have also found this colour goes with any  outfit i wear. Due to this, i find myself reapplying the Essie "limo-scene" every time i paint my nails. All my other nails varnishes must be feeling pretty lonely right now! 
I shall certainly be purchasing more nail varnishes from Essie and no doubt you will see a new one feature in next months beauty favourites! 

4. Neal's Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture.

It's back! If you follow my blog you will know that i dedicated a whole blog post to this little beauty! Which is why i am not going to go into too much detail about this product right now but i will link the blog post i wrote about it at the end of this post if you want to have a read. But to keep you updated i shall just say this... Since purchasing the Neal's Yard Remedies Daily Moisture i have been loving it! I like to apply it before putting on make-up in the morning and at night after i have taken my make-up off. Since using it i have had such lovely, soft skin, that personally i think smells fabulous now. A really great purchase if i do say so!

5. Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner.

I hate to say it, but i found a conditioner better then my old Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner. Being a curious person that is always interested in trying out new products, i picked up the Organix conditioner and decided to give it a try. The main reason for this is because it has moroccan argan oil in it. After trying a few products with argan oil in them, i have come to the conclusion that it works magic on my hair. I have been trying this conditioner out for the past few weeks and love it every single time i use it. It brings my hair back to its natural hydrated state and makes it feel so soft. No matter what you hair type i really do recommend this conditioner. And if by any chance you are prone to dry hair, this bad boy will sort it straight out for you! It also protects against UV which makes it perfect for the summer season. If you have fair hair like me, you will be truly grateful for that.
p.s. the scent is incredible!

6. Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.

Last but not least, the weirdest beauty product i have evert tried, yet obviously now a favourite of mine! The shower jelly really does add a fun factor into your shower routine. If you are struggling to imagine the sensation of using a shower jelly, it literally is like rubbing those pre-jelly cubes all over your body. Some might find it odd... i personally have come to love it. If you are a fan of the Lush Comforter Bubble Bar you might love this as it has exactly the same scent. There is nothing like lathering this bad boy up and smelly sweet cherries and coconut. I was curious as to how a jelly could work as a kind of soap, so after having a gander on the back of the packaging, i discovered that it is made from Carageenan Extract which is an Irish moss seaweed. Even more interesting is the fact that when the moss seaweed is heated it turns into jelly, creating the shower jelly. My mind was blown! I love this product and would recommend it if your a little bit bored of your usual shower gel and fancy trying something new!

Well that is it for my June beauty favourites. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and are curious to try some of the products i have mentioned. You might even grow to love them just as much as i do! If you would like to follow me on any social media, just click on the icons to your right and give me a follow. Please feel free to comment down below or tweet me if you liked this post or have any opinions on any of the products i have mentioned. 

Peace & Love,


Sunday, 22 June 2014

How To Survive In A New City.

Moving to a new city is an experience that can make you feel over the top excited and scared shitless all at the same time. Whether you are moving cities due to eduction, work, or personal choice... whatever the reason, it is a big deal! When you have spent a large amount of your life in an environment that you know well and then all of a sudden find yourself in an unfamiliar place it can be a really difficult experience. When i was 19 i moved away from Leicestershire where i had grown up, and moved down to Brighton. I was moving so i could be closer to the person i loved, which was a really exciting thing to me. However, being a person who had suffered with Anxiety for 5 years at that time, it was a big thing for me to do. I am an extremely impulsive person. Which i think is a good quality to have, yet, it can certainly be a bad thing sometimes. I know a lot of people around me were doubtful that i could live in a new city, and even myself doubted it when i thought about all the negative points.

1. I knew no one apart from my boyfriend.
2. I had never been away from my family for more than a couple nights.
3. I had no job.
4. I had no money.
5. I would become responsible for myself.

... The list could and did go on. Thinking of all the reasons why i shouldn't go made it seem like a very irresponsible decision if i did go. Yes, i was young. Yes, i didn't really know what i was doing. But it was time to break away.  I have always done my own thing, and never really followed the "rules" of life. So within a week of weighing the pro's and con's, i moved to Brighton. And it was the best decision i have ever made.
In the beginning though, i found it really tough. Which is why when i started up my blog i knew i wanted to do a post on how to survive in a new city. I wish i had had something to read when i first moved that would have given me some advice and made me feel like i wasn't alone in feeling emotional just after i moved. As you might know, i have recently moved back up to Leicestershire. There are many reasons for this, however the main one being so i can be closer to my family for the next year or two as i have a couple family members that are ill. I class Brighton as my home now, so moving back to Leicester has been like moving to a new city again. I might know the area well, but as i have changed as a person since living in Brighton, the culture of leicestershire seems new to me again. And if i am honest, it is not something i want to get used to. Of course, i am not putting the whole city population into one category, i am aware that there is a vast variety of personalities in Leicestershire. I am simply trying to say that in Brighton everything in accepted and people are generally more open minded. For a small example, my boyfriend is a mod and i have bright white hair. In Brighton no one bats an eyelid, it is partially the norm. In Leicestershire, we get comments left, right and centre. This is just one of the things you have to adapt to when moving to a new city, different places have different cultures, views, and ways of doing things.

So the reason why i am only just getting round to writing this post after being back in Leicestershire for just over 2 weeks, is that i wanted to give myself a chance to experience Leicestershire again. This would mean that when writing this post i can reference both moving experiences, which would allow me to broaden the advice i am giving so that it can translate to moving to any city. So here are my tips on how to survive in a new city. Obviously these are my own opinions and what i found helped me. Everyone is different, so its not going to be beneficial to everyone but for the majority of you, i really do hope it helps!

1. Exploring & Getting To Know The Area.

When you first move to a new city, all your familiarities go out the window. When i moved to Brighton i had no idea of the size of the city, street names, main roads, etc. I had no concept of where i was and where i was going to go in the city. Luckily for me, i had my boyfriend who knew Brighton fairly well. So even though i had him, i was still scared shitless about getting to know this knew city i was in. I am a person who likes to visualise everything, so what i found helpful was going onto google maps and searching Brighton. It gave me an idea the size of Brighton and where the key points were. So from there i figured out where i lived in Brighton and what roads i was close to. If you have an iPhone i would really advise getting the google maps app. It is really handy if you are going on a walk or trying to find a certain place. Plus if you get slightly lost just type in your postcode and it will locate where you are and show you how to get back.

2. Finding The Essentials. 

The next important part of moving to a new city is locating the essential places. Again google maps will come in handy with this, yet a big factor of locating those important places is asking people. A week or two after i moved to Brighton i found that i had started to memories key places, for example: train station, local grocery shop, doctors surgery, bus stops, etc. If you are house sharing or have neighbours, i am sure they will not mind giving you advice on where to find your essential places. It is much better to find them out before hand rather than wondering around the street looking for one particular place in a rush.
Second to this comes finding places of interest. When you move to a new city it is best to try and get back into a familiar routine that you had before you moved. Find the places that you used to like going to. Personally, i really wanted to find a gym so that i would be motivated to get out of the house and get used to seeing the city everyday. Other places like art galleries, bars, restaurants, shops, etc, are also good places to seek out. One of the most fun things about moving to a new city is getting to explore all these new places and venues. Trying out different places to eat and drink, seeing the cities attractions, finding lots of different shops that you hadn't really seen in the city you used to live in. This is one of the things that really makes moving worth while. When i moved to Brighton i was in heaven with all the new clothes, beauty, food, and vintage shops that i was discovering. Plus if you are starting to reach that home sick stage it really reminds you why moving cities is such an exciting experience.

3. Making Contacts / Meeting People.

The main thing that i was nervous about when moving was that i wouldn't know anyone. I was leaving all my family and friends behind and it scared the shit out of me. Some people are better at making friends than others. It all depends on your personality and how out going you are. Personally, i can be really introverted a lot of the time. Going through my teenage years i liked to keep to myself and i found it quite difficult to put myself out there. New people made me nervous. One on one, i am fine. Stick me in a group, and i might not say a word. I new this would be something i would have to deal with when i moved to Brighton and back to Leicestershire seen as i had been away for a while. Since moving and adding 2 years to my age, i have found that i have gotten a lot better with being relaxed around new people and just being myself. My advice would be not to force it. Of course you are going to meet new people, and if you are going to become friends it will simply come naturally. When i first moved to Brighton i was mainly hanging out with my boyfriend and his mates, which was totally fine (i get on well with guys), but after a while i was missing that girl talk! I wanted to be able to moan about my hair or talk about clothes without being looked at like a complete weirdo. When you feel like you want to meet knew people, i would recommend going to places that this will occur. Whether that's joining an exercise class, going to a local pub, or seeing what is going on in your city that involves a group of people. And don't forget, your not the only person out there looking to meet people and make friends!

4. Finding A Job.

We all know that with how things are in England at the moment, getting  job can be tough. This is something I really struggled with in Brighton and if I am honest, it really affect my self esteem and made me feel quite low. I am currently going through the job searching process again now seen as I had to give up my job in Brighton and move back to Leicestershire, but I will let you know how that turns out another time. Two years ago i had moved to a city that had one of the largest unemployed populations in England. The competition was high and not many jobs were going. I cannot tell you how many hours i spent scanning the internet and looking in shop windows for available jobs. I know how hard it can be to try and put yourself out there and be told you do not have the right qualifications or experience. The key is persistence. It can be easy to let the rejection get you down and make you want to give up. I once burst into tears after receiving a very polite rejection from the owner of a cafe.
One of the things i found got the ball rolling was volunteering. I have always been involved in art in one way or another, so my ideal job would be in the art scene. There is such a thriving art scene in Brighton that i knew i wanted to be a part of. I managed to get a volunteering job as an invigilator at an art gallery during the Brighton Fringe Festival. I loved it! I was sad when the month was up but glad that i had gotten some experience within the art scene. After a few weeks had past the art gallery emailed me asking if i would like to apply for a paid position as a kind of general assistant. I loved working at the art gallery and now treasure every experience i have taken from working there. I also met so many great people and met some very talented people in the art industry.
In my opinion, finding a job is pot luck. Some people can be trying hard to find a job and it takes months, and others will find a job straight away. The main advice i can give is to stay persistent, don't be afraid to put yourself out there, and try not to let it get you down.

5. Do What Makes You Happy.

Like i have said, moving cities can be a stressful experience and it certainly has its ups and downs. In those first couple of months when you are trying to figure things out and you might be starting to feel home sick, make sure you do the things that make you feel happy. Whether thats going out for a drink, relaxing with some coffee & cake, or just getting out and about in the city. Whatever it is, do it! It really is the little things that keep you from going insane in the first few months. You might have a million things to do, but it is ok to take some time out and spend some time focusing on yourself.

If you have recently moved to a new city and are reading this, i really hope that some of the advice i have given will help. The things i have mentioned are what i found helped me when i moved cities, so take from this what you will. If you have any advice for moving cities that i have not mentioned, please comment below or tweet me!

Peace & Love,


Saturday, 21 June 2014

June Wish List

Hello Everyone!

I have put together a June Wish List because the other day it was decided that myself and my boyfriend are off to the South of France and Italy in early September. So i have picked out a few key pieces that i would like for June and that i can continually use throughout the rest of the summer. As you can see from the few items i have chosen, there is mostly a combination of white and nude. If you are like me and not a big fan of all the neons and eccentric patterns that are often featured in many high street shops S/S collections, then you might find white and nude better colours to make your outfits a bit more summery. All of the pieces i have choose are items you can style in many different ways. 

Seen as i live in England, and the summer is not always "summery", i have added a leather jacket to the wish list as it is the perfect for those days that are a little cooler and cloudier, but you still want to keep a light and fresh outfit. It can be really hard to dress for this time of year as the weather can be so unpredictable, but if you find some good key pieces for your wardrobe and style them accordingly to the weather, then it can be easy to keep to a summer outfit in British weather. If you like this wish list and would like to see more of what i currently desire for my summer wardrobe, then pop over to my Pinterest and follow my 'Spring & Summer Style' board. 

What pieces are key to your wardrobe for the Summer and how do you style them for different types of weather?

Topshop Crochet Detail Suntop.

Charlotte Stone Barton Sandels.

Juniors Green Buffalo Check Sundress.

American Apparel Wooden Heel Nude Sandels.

Fred Perry Vintage Nude Skirt.

White Leather Jacket & Other Stories.

Nanette Lepore Swimsuit.

American Apparel Nude Bucket Bag. 


Friday, 20 June 2014

Saturdays Playlist

Hello Everyone!

Last week Saturdays Playlist was a day early because i was crazy busy on the Saturday. And this week it is a day early because i have a little too much time on my hands and i guess i am just in a sharing mood! This week is a mixture of everything i have been listening to and loving the past 7 days. Let me know what you think by either commenting down below or sending me a tweet at @lexihardy04 !



Korres Coconut Milk Shower Gel

Hello Everyone!

I thought it was about time i introduced you to my current favourite shower gel. This is what i call my "luxury shower gel". It is the shower gel i will always use when getting ready for a special occasion. It is the shower gel i use when i feel like pampering myself. And it is the shower gel i will try not to use too often (due to fear of it running out) but will often fail at this. Meaning i use this shower gel pretty much everyday. 

As you can see it is the Korres Coconut Milk Shower gel. 

Since discovering Korres i have been completely head over heels in love with the brand. If i could afford it, my bathroom would be filled with all there products! For one thing i love their principles. If you turn to the back of any of their products, you will see a long list of chemicals that that product has not used in its formula. All their packaging components are recyclable as well, which is always nice to hear. And most of their products have a 90% or higher natural content rate. To me, thats pretty damn good! Personally, i do prefer using organic products and will usually choose them over more chemical based products. 

The first thing that drew me to the Korres Coconut Milk Shower Gel was the bottle. I mean, just look how pretty it is! Korres always have beautiful packaging, and i have to say...wrong as it may be, when deciding what product to purchase the packaging can often have a big influence.
When you open the lid a beautifully sweet scent of coconut milk and creamy vanilla lifts into the air. The shower gel dose not loose it's scent when applied in the shower, so you will have lovely smelling skin for the whole day. It is also great for dry skin as it has oat proteins in it that form a protective film on the skin, which maintains its regular hydration level. I have had this shower gel for about 5 months now. Seeing as i use it almost everyday, i think that proves that it is great for creating a decent lather from a small amount of the gel. If i can recall i think i purchased it for around £8, which in my opinion you 100% get your monies worth. I could not recommend this product more. If like me, you love coconut scents and are looking for an indulgent shower gel, Korres Coconut Milk Shower Gel might just be what you are looking for.

Let me know what you think of the brand Korres, and if they have any other products that you are obsessed with! And also if you have tried their Coconut Milk Shower Gel and what your opinion of it is. All social media is to the right... go and give me a follow on Bloglovin and Twitter if you so desire!

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My New Summer Hair

Hello Everyone!

As the weather has finally decided to start acting like it is summer, i thought it was about time i got a hair cut!

There are a few things that needed doing to my hair. Currently the main thing being my roots. I cannot even look at them at the moment. However,  i am being a bit fussy about where i get my roots done, so i am still trying to find a decent hairdressers up here in leicestershire. So seen as my roots are on a waiting list right now, there is one thing that was an emergency! And that is the ends of my hair. I cannot stand it when i have spilt ends. Every other day or every few days, i will use hair straighteners on the ends of my hair to curl it slightly, giving my hair a bit more volume and bounce. If you have read my blog post on how i maintain my white hair, then you will know what hair products i use. Therefore you will know that i use heat protection spray. It really is a must when you apply heat to your hair! I currently use a heat protection spray by Aussie and it works fabulously. Yet, no matter how much heat protection you use, those pesky spilt ends will make there appearance at some point! For me, spilt ends affect the texture and the look of my hair. Which results in my hair looking unhealthy. As soon as i start to see them arrive, i send myself off to the hairdressers to cut them away from the rest of my hair. Which is exactly what i did last week!

I am one of those people that have been trying to grow their hair for years! When i was 16/17 i had shoulder length hair and hated it! Then when i stopped curling it everyday and left it alone for a bit, it finally started to grow. After years of waiting and watching, my hair had reached my chest. A.K.A the bottom of my boobs! This length has been good to me. It allowed me to try more styles and i found it care free and easy when i didn't want to put much effort into my hair. 

So last week i walked into my local hairdressers and asked from a trim. Just enough off to get rid of my spilt ends. After doing the usual small talk with my hairdresser and fiddling around on my phone a bit, did i realise i had been sat there for a while and my hairdresser and just kept on cutting. Now i do realise it is a common thing for hairdressers to get a little scissor happy, and to by honest it does not bother me that much if they do. In the end, your hair will always grow back. When i got back home and did the usual looking in the mirror and checking out my new cut, did i realise i had slightly longer than shoulder length hair again. For a second the panic struck in. The years i has spent hating having shoulder length hair and the other years i had spent growing it out, all flushed away down a big toilet for hair. It was only when i started to play around with my new hair and try different styles, that i realised it was the perfect cut for me for the summer. Yes long wavy beach hair for the summer is every girls dream, but my new hair has been great this past week since i had it cut. I have found that the best look for me is when i curl it and leave it down. It seems a lot more of a relaxed hair style, and compliments the weather like a dream. Hot sticky necks are now a thing of the past for me! 

Like i said, at the end of the day hair is hair and if you get a bad hair cut it will grow back. However, this time round it worked out great for me. So who knows, if you go into the hairdressers asking for one thing and come out with something slightly different, just go with the flow! And if you really don't like it... i suggest not going back to that hairdressers. 

Have you ever been to the hairdressers and come out with a different style than you expected? And what do you think is the perfect hair cut for summer? Let me know by commenting down below or contacting me at my  twitter

Peace & Love,

Monday, 16 June 2014

That 60's Look.

Hello Everyone!

When it comes to my style, i have always been heavily influenced from the 1960's. Ever since i was 14 i started to discover this whole new culture from the 60's. Instead of my idols being the latest popstars, i was admiring women such as Brigette Bardot, Pattie Boyd, Anna Karina, Jean Shrimpton, and Edie Sedgwick. As i have gotten older, i have learnt how to incorporate the 60's into my style. When it comes to make-up, the cat eye flick is defiantly my main feature. If i don't have at least a small cat eye flick, my face feels bare. I feel too exposed and a lot more insecure about myself than if i did have cat eye flicks on. Personally, i like to keep a flair of the 60's and mix it up with whatever the current fashion is. Obviously, i have my own style and there are a lot of current styles that i really do not like. I can be very picky about clothes and my make-up style. I tend to stick to what i know and what i like. Yet, i will try out new things, which is just a part of how your style grows. 

For todays look, i have gone for more of a obvious 60's influence in my make-up. If i go for something very 60's, then i will keep another aspect of my look simple and modern. For example, as you are about to see in my photographs, i have gone for heavy eyeliner and a thick cat eye flick, which i took inspiration from a few of the ladies i mentioned above. So because of my eye make-up being heavy, i kept my lips simple with a nude/pink and didn't properly style my hair. I just sprayed a bit of dry shampoo into my roots, and ruffled my fingers trough the tips of my hair

I kept to my usually make-up routine until it came to my eyes. When you have thick eyeliner, i find it best not to use a coloured eye shadow as i feel it just looks too much. So today i just used "strange" from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, which just gives my eyes the lift they need. Now comes the most important thing you are going to need to create this look. Whether you use an eyeliner pen or liquid eyeliner in a bottle with a small brush, it really is simple to do a cat eye flick. Today i used the Rimmel London Scandeleyes Eyeliner. Out all all liquid eyeliner pens i have used, this is the one i would recommend! 

I would love to know what influences you in your style and how you like to incorporate them. Also, i would like to point out that the eyebrow pencil i use at the moment makes my eyebrows look slightly ginger in certain lights, so i am on the hunt for a new product for my eyebrows. Recommendations will be welcomed! BTW, nothing wrong with having ginger/red hair! I just mentioned it because i am am a natural blonde, so usually have light brown eyebrows, just incase there was any confusion as to why my eyebrows look different colours in photographs.

 All links to my social media are to your right! If you liked this post and are interested in seeing more of how i style myself, then you will find my instagram the best source for my style to go to! 

Peace & Love,

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A 50th Birthday Party

Hello everyone! & HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

As i write this post today, i have to admit i am a little on the delicate side... and by "delicate side", i mean "slightly hungover". The reason for my being in this state today, is because last night we celebrated my mum turning 50 recently with a big party!
Personally, i feel that there is so much pressure put onto us when we turn ages ending in 0 and of course the number 21. In april i turned 21, and I felt pressure to "GO BIG" and do something crazy for my birthday. The pressure i felt was not put onto me by other people, but pressure i put onto myself because in society today there are certain ages that are supposed to mean more than others. I found that in the months leading up to my birthday, instead of getting excited, i was more stressed about deciding what i should do and who i should invite. Do i throw a massive party? Do i go on a trip somewhere? Do i ask for something ridiculously expensive? All because i was turning 21. In the end it got too much. After thinking long and hard as of what i wanted to do, the answer was simple. I just wanted to be with my family and have a good time. And that was what i did.

However, when my mums 50th birthday was approaching the idea to "GO BIG" was at the forefront of my mind. The main reason being i felt like she deserved it. My mum goes above and beyond for everyone in our family and i really do not think we could function without her. Throwing a party was the obvious thing to do. The whole time we were planning the party, it didn't really feel like we was planning a 50th party. It was more a night in celebration of my mum. But surely that is the whole point of a party? Not the age that the person is turning, but the person themselves.

After weeks of planning, organising, and buying, the party was finally here! This week has gone by in  such a blur! I can barely remember what i did, or who i saw. My responsibility for the party was decorations. What the hall was going to look like and how everything was going to be displayed. Only after agreeing to this, did i realise how much it entailed.  And it was only until this friday that i had everything i needed. Cutting it close, i know.
Waking up on Saturday morning, whilst still being tired from spending the night before making 3 batches of Millionaire Shortbread until 11pm, i knew it was going to be a long day! The party was to be held in our local village hall and we had over 100 people coming, so i knew getting the hall ready was going to be a long task. After spending hours deciding on the table plan, making pom poms, hanging up fairy lights, and arranging flowers, we were finally done! My sister, aunties, and nan, had spent many gruelling hours making and preparing food, and the bar had been set up. Everything was ready! The only thing left to do was go home and get ready for the evening.

I had chosen to wear a black dress (Urban Outfitters) and leopard print heels (Topshop) for the party, so decided to do fresh and summery make-up to make my look more appropriate for the summer season. Here are some of the products i used and the finished look.

Neal's Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture.

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.

Revlon Photoready Foundation 003 Shell

Kate Spade New York by Nails Inc. London Big Apple Red

Essie Nail Lacquer Limo-Scene

MAC Satin Brave A24 Lipstick

Paul Smith Rose

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner

Urban Decay Naked 3 

Urban Decay Naked Flushed

I had such a good night last night and it was everything i had hoped it would be. I got to see and have a catch up with people i have no seen in years, plus have a good old dance! The main thing i will treasure most from the party was seeing how happy my mum was throughout the night. She really deserved to have something like this to show her how much she is appreciated and loved. 

My tips for organising a big party? Is there a right or wrong way when it comes to such things? Not really. All i would say is plan ahead, do not underestimate things, and stay relaxed! 

Peace & Love,

Friday, 13 June 2014


Hi Everyone!

I am going to be having a crazy day tomorrow, so i won't have time to post my usual Saturday Playlist. So here it is for you on a FRIDAY!!! It is a slight mix up of what i have been listening to this week. ENJOY!

Peace & Love,

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Neal's Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture.

Hello Everyone!

After doing a few lifestyle posts, i thought it was about time i did another beauty post! Recently i have been looking for a new face moisturiser. For the past few months i have been using the Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream, but if i am completely honest i am quite bored of that now and was not particularly found of it's scent. So whilst i have been out and about the past couple of weeks, i have kept my eye out for a new moisturiser. I wanted something light that would easily absorb into my skin, so that i am not waiting around whilst doing my morning routine to start applying my make-up. I have quite good skin in honesty. I get the odd spot occasionally, but apart from that i do not have anything to complain about. I wanted a moisturiser that would benefit my skin, but also give it a treat at the same time. So the hunt was on!

Today i met up with some of my lovely friends in Leicester for a catch up. This was my first time going into Leicester city centre since returning from Brighton. I have been into Leicester more times than i can count , yet today i felt myself a lot more aware of the city. It was a strange feeling but something i am sure i will get used to.

Whilst in John Lewis i spotted the Neal's Yard Remedies section. I have heard of the brand but have never personally tried any of their products before. Shallowly i was drawn to the packaging. I am a sucker for anything that comes in a pretty bottle. I picked up the Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture. After squirting a bit on my hand and having a sniff, i was sold. By the time i got it home, i was literally beside myself with excitement. I could not wait to take all my make-up off, tie my hair in a bun, and apply my new moisturiser. Made up of neroli oil, antioxidant pomegranate oil, and lots of other lovely oils and extracts for your skin, i knew i had chosen wisely. It's main purpose is to replenish and protect dry skin. I am luckily not to get much dry skin on my face but i do get a little bit around the end of my nose.

This moisturiser is so lovely. It is light in texture and was a dream to apply to my skin. Absorbing quickly, i was soon feeling the results. It has been a few hours since i applied it and i am still touching my face and loving how soft it feels. It makes such a perfect moisturiser for the summer. I would also recommend this moisturiser for people who particularly like to moisturise in the evenings. Obviously i will still be using this product in the mornings after my usual shower. Yet, i think that because it has such a beautiful effect to your skin, that it would be more appreciated without having make-up applied onto of it. Is it just me who thinks that is what makes a great moisturiser? The one's that make you feel content enough to go make-up free.
I would love to hear your thoughts on facial moisturising and what you think makes a great moisturiser.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Getting Reacquainted With My Home Town.

Hello Everyone!

I have had a really busy day today getting reacquainted with my local town Market Harborough. Since moving from Brighton i have been a little anxious about getting to know my surrounding area again. Obviously as i have had a taste of Brighton, other cities/towns are going to be hard to live up to what i am now used to. My main concern, which might seem a little silly, is that i wasn't going to find a good coffee house. As you may know from my post about "my top 5 places to go in Brighton" in which i featured my favourite cafe Nest, i am a little bit of a coffee snob. I tend to avoid the big chain coffee houses as i find the coffee weak. So, today i made plans with a friend to meet up and explore Market Harborough again.

After posting a tweet asking for recommendations of a decent place to get coffee in Market Harborough, i was advised to go the Kitchen Range Cookshop on Church Street which has a cafe at the back. I walked in and i couldn't help but look around at all the coffee machines and mugs that they had on display. I was curious to see how a cafe would fit into a cook shop, yet when i gazed upon the cute decor and the cake display, i felt that the progression from the cook shop into the cafe worked really well. They had a good variety of different types of coffee and cakes, which i am now determined to work my way through the menu! I ordered a Cappuccino and a slice of chocolate and raspberry cake . And my friend ordered a creme brûlée latte, a chunky slab of millionaire shortbread, and a scone (she was rather peckish!). As my cappuccino was put in front of me, all of a sudden i felt nervous. Nervous to try a cup of coffee, sounds stupid i know! But it dawned on me that if i wasn't that impressed what was i to do next? Where else would i go? For someone reason i had pinned all my hopes of a decent cup of coffee on this little cafe at the back of a cook shop.  After having my first sip, i breathed a sigh of relief. My cappuccino was everything i had been hoping for. It was strong, rich, and it complimented my cake. I was a very happy bunny!

We left the Kitchen Range Cookshop Cafe very full and satisfied. After a bit of window shopping and looking around the market which had lots of antique things, we then brought magazines and went to a little park area. It was lovely to sit, chat, read magazines, and take selfies (what else are girls going to do!?) whilst the sun was out! Seen as Market Harborough is only a small town, depending on the time of day, it can be such a peaceful place to be, which is something i did miss whilst i was in Brighton. 

I then went to get my hair cut. I only had a trim as i pray to the hair gods everyday to give me long hair! But it is important to get rid of those nasty spilt ends folks! 

Today i have realised that what makes a small town is the people. Everyone one knows everyone in a place like Market Harborough, and sometimes that might feel a bit invasive, but for the most part its nice to feel part of a community. Everywhere i went today either i or my friend knew a person working there, and it was lovely to connect with people on more of a personal level. 

Even though i grew up and spent most of my life in this area, being in Brighton for two years i have changed as a person. I view things differently. I will admit that i have been scared that when i moved back to my home town i was going to be treated like an outsider. But today i have realised that some of my anxiety is unnecessary. I think i have said before in a different post that i am planning on doing another post on how to survive in a new city, and that will be coming soon! But for now, i am slowly getting reacquainted with my local area and the people who live here. The changes we go through might not be what we have in mind, but sometimes you just have to go with it and you never know what good might come out of it!

I hope you have liked this post about how i am trying to ease myself into living in my home town again and my mission to find good coffee!  As you know all my social media links are to the right!! Give them a click and follow! If you would like to get to know my gorgeous friend, who is called Briony, check her out on twitter or to go her Depop and find her at Briony Devereux! 

Peace & Love,

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Bullring.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have had a super duper lovely weekend! Yesterday was particularly beautiful and sunny, so i spent it sat in the garden having a BBQ. Happy days!

As some of you might know if you follow me on twitter, i went to Birmingham on Saturday! I have never properly been to Birmingham before, which is naughty of me seen as leicestershire is pretty much only an hour away via car travel. Last week my beautiful mother turned 50! I unfortunately was in Brighton on the actually day of her birthday (bad daughter). Yet, I knew when i moved back to Leicestershire on Friday i would do something nice with her. So on Saturday, my mum, myself, my sister, and my sisters boyfriend, drove to Birmingham with one thing in mind. The Bullring. Now, if you are familiar with the city of Leicester you will know that it has The Highcross which is a very big shopping centre. So i thought i had seen pretty much how big a shopping centre can get. How wrong was i! When i saw the Bullring (keeping in mind it is spilt into two buildings as it is so big!) my mind was blown! The Bullring is MASSIVE! I felt like i was in Disneyland for shoppers. We got to the Bullring around 1pm, so decided we would get lunch before we started our mission of finding my mum a nice outfit to buy with her birthday money. We all agreed that Pizza Express was the place to go. I personally think that pizza express is great for lunchtime. They have such a good range of salad, and i like how they have a special section on their menu for items that are under 500 calories, which is perfect for lunch! I ordered the Leggera Superfood Salad which consisted of roasted butternut squash, avocado, beetroot, mozzarella, pine nuts, lentils, and a balsamic dressing. It was delicious!!
With our now full stomachs we set off to the Selfridges section of The Bullring. Now this could be a shopping centre on it's own! It had four floors which were all big! I was immediately drawn to the beauty floor. Even though the whole day was for my mum to find an outfit, and i was their mealy to be a "wing-shopper" and an adviser. I couldn't help myself when i went over to the big MAC section, which i couldn't help myself so i purchased a new lipstick (Go to my "Think Pink" post to see which one).  Second to the beauty section of Selfridges, i was then drawn to the bottom floor which was the food hall!! I was amazed again! They had a massive bull in the middle made from jelly beans!! I challenge anyone to not stand and stare with their mouth open upon seeing it. All the food looked yummy, partially the cupcakes and macaroons.

After hours of trailing around all the shops, giving my advise on all the different dresses and jumpsuits my mum tried on, we finally had a winner! My mum ended up purchasing a jumpsuit from Karen Millen in Selfridges, which she looks beautiful in. After spending 6 hours shopping, we left The Bullring with bags of clothes and make-up in tow. Obviously i would have gotten more out of the experience if i had been shopping for myself, but it was my mums day, and my shopping craving was satisfied with my new MAC lipstick. I had a lovely day and when i think about all the things my mum does for me, it was lovely to spend a day all about her. I did not get as many photographs as i would have liked of Birmingham and The Bullring. However, here are a few to slightly wet your appetite! Enjoy!

Peace & Love,


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Think Pink.


Natural pink lipsticks are rather an addiction for me.  They are hands down my go to shade of lipstick! I often find that when it comes to choosing a shade of lipstick, the time of year and season plays a big part in what colour my lips are going to be. Autumn and Winter is when i prefer to have more of a dramatic make-up style, which is usually dark reds.  For spring and summer i like to keep a more natural and fresh make-up look. For years i have been stuck in a rut of nude lipsticks, and this year i wanted a slight difference but not to go completely out of my comfort zone. Since i have dyed my hair white, i have found pink shades really compliment my hair. I stay clear of hot pinks. Unless i was a little plastic doll, the barbie look just isn't for me. The shades of lipstick i have been purchasing recently have all been within the pink/natural palette and i have been loving them! Often i will find three or four of these little beauties hidden away in my handbag as i will carry them around with me due to not wanting to depart from them. Pink/natural shades are just so handy for this time of year. They go with pretty much any outfit, and i have found they go especially well when i wear blue. All the lipsticks that are featured in the photographs above, i have an deep obsession with! As you might be able to tell, some i have had for a while and others i have recently purchased. I would highly recommend all of these lipsticks and they really do give a pretty lift to any look that you might be going for. The Topshop, MAC, and UNE lipstick, i use for when i want a more natural look which i would probably pair with a subtle pink eye shadow. And for the Revlon and L'oreal Paris lipstick,  i would use when i want more of a pop of pink!

Topshop Lips "Beatnik".

L'oreal Paris Natural Blondes "Rose Tendre" 303.

UNE Lip-Toned Colour L02.

Revlon "Pink In The Afternoon" 415.

MAC "Brave" A24.

Well i hope this post has fulfilled your beauty craving on this lovely sunday! 
What is your favourite pink/natural lipstick that you are loving at the moment? And if you have any recommendations i would love to hear them!

Peace & Love,


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday Playlist.

Hello Everyone!

As you might know, for the past two weeks i have posted a playlist i have made onto my blog. I have now decided to fully commit to this and make a playlist every saturday! That way you know when one is coming! I am a person who likes all sorts of music, so i hope that i create playlists that will suit you nicely! You never know, you might hear something new, or something old you have not heard in ages! Tonights playlist is a proper mix up of old and new, and lots of different genres! All you have to do is hit the play button below and ENJOY!

Have a fun filled saturday night!!

Peace & Love,

Friday, 6 June 2014

Welcome To My Family Home!

Hello everyone!

As you may know from my last blog post, me and my boyfriend moved out today!! We have left the glorious Brighton and come back to Leicestershire. Today has been one of the most exhausting days i think i have ever had! I am currently sat writing this barely able to stay awake, plus i have a throbbing headache and back ache. Boohoo! I have spent this last week slowly preparing myself for our departure. Gym memberships were cancelled, posters were taken down, and out came the suitcases! For our final day in Brighton, me and Tom took a walk around the city. I could not help having my bottom lip pop out whenever i saw a particular shop or cafe that i like. After returning home we spent the evening relaxing at a pub with our lovely housemates, enjoying food, drinks, and giggles! Before i knew it this morning had arrived and moving day was here! Everything was packed and ready to go! I found myself sat in our armchair eating a croissant and drinking coffee, staring at our belongings shoved into lots of bags. Yet within an hour, there was a lot of hustle and bustle getting all our things into a van (including a vespa!) and at 9:45am we left Brighton. It takes around 2 & 1/2 - 3 hours to drive from Brighton to Leicestershire. Is it just me, or is there something really tiering about being in long car/van journey? There was only so much of the Stone Roses i could stay awake for! When i arrived at home, it was lovely to be greeted by my family and my dogs. However, i think they felt a little deflated when they saw how much stuff i had brought back with me! Since getting back in the early afternoon, i have spent the entire day clearing out all of my old stuff (It really is liberating when you get rid of all your belongings you do not need/want anymore!), cleaning my room, and then unpacking everything i had brought with me and finding a new home for it. It took me 7 hours to do all that!! Hence, why i am currently in a sloth like state on the sofa in my living room! Mine and Tom's plans are to stay at my parents house for a month or two, and then move into a flat of our own in the city. If i struggled with unpacking things into my old bedroom today, god help me when we move into a flat!! After living away from home for almost two years, i am looking forward to having a couple of months of pure family time! Here are some photographs i took today, which some of them will give you a brief tour of my family home (with added selfie, that i took whilst procrastinating when i was unpacking!).


Morning croissant! YUM-O!

My wardrobe after unpacking all my clothes!

My attempt at making my bookshelf look pretty.

My rug i got from Urban Outfitters a year ago. 

The bathroom.

The kitchen.

The Annex. (Sorry about the quality of photograph!)

The kitchen in the Annex.

My parents office in the Annex.

And finally i leave you with a photograph of my dogs!

Well that's it folks! Moving truly is exhausting work and i would highly recommend purchasing an energy drink the morning of your moving day! Thanks for checking in and i will be back with more posts that will hopefully introduce you to the world of Leicestershire if you do not already know it. 

Peace & Love,


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

We're Moving!


I thought it would be good to do a quick update to give you an idea what is going on in my life at the moment. This week is a crazy week as me and my boyfriend are moving! We are not just moving house, but city as well! As you may know i come from Leicestershire and moved to Brighton when i was 19. Due to some personal reasons we are moving back up to Leicestershire for a year or two, so i can be a little bit closer to my family for the forseeable future. So this week me and Tom are packing up our stuff and heading back up to the Midlands. We leave Brighton on Friday and i have to say, i am very sad about it. Of course i am looking forward to being closer to my family, yet i have made some great memories here in Brighton, and it is where me and Tom have built a little life together. I have loved living in Brighton! If you read my post about my top 5 places to go into Brighton, you will have seen how much i gushed about this amazing city! However, i am looking forward to exploring Leicester a bit more, getting to know the art scene and seeing what little places i can discover. I am going to be doing a post soon on how to survive in a new city, taking my experiences from when i moved down to Brighton and moving up to Leicestershire. So i am looking forward to taking you all on my journey of living in a new city. Plus, we our getting a new flat, so expect to see some flat tours and how i am planning on decorating!! If you follow me on Pinterest you may have an idea what type of interior design i am into.
So expect some exciting new blog posts within the next few weeks. Its certainly going to be a journey! One more thing, i am going to leave you with these two lovely little songs that i feel reflects this post nicely! Enjoy!

Peace & Love,

How To Maintain White Hair.

Hello everyone!

I am loving that more of you are starting to get into my blog and for that i would like to send a massive THANK YOU in your direction!

Today i am going to be telling you how i maintain my white hair! I dyed my hair at the start of April, so i have had white hair for 9 weeks now and i am not going to lie to you... it does take a fair amount of effort and products to keep it looking bright and healthy! I have always had really light blonde hair anyway, which was fairly admired by hairdressers since i can remember and i have always been told never to dye my hair. But within the past year i had been extremely bored with my hair, and sometimes a person just needs a change. After experimenting in my bathroom with an at home hair dye kit (which was a disastrous experience. My mum practically cried when she saw me after i had dyed it myself), i took myself off to Headmasters in Brighton which has a great reputation! I am now also a V.I.P member at Headmasters which means i get 25% off all hair services  from Monday-Friday 9am-4pm (They have salons all over England, so if you live in a town where they are, just go onto their website and sign up to be a V.I.P. It's completely free and you get 25% off all hair services. Win, win!). After spending 5 hours at the hairdressers, which in that time i had a full head bleached, my roots bleached, all over toner, and a cut and style, i finally left feeling ecstatic with my new white hair! Since then i have spent many mornings washing my hair with special shampoos, rubbing oil at the tips, and softly brushing my hair praying the ends do not break. It is a fact that coloured hair needs a lot of time to keep in good condition, but luckily i have discovered a few products that make the whole process just that bit easier. So here are some of the products that my hair cannot live without!

After talking to my hairdresser about how to maintain my new hair, i purchased some shampoo and conditioner from Headmasters. My hairdresser had told me that when hair goes through the stress of being bleached it looses a lot of its protein, which is why it is highly advised that you invest in a high protein shampoo and conditioner for the first month after having your hair bleached. I purchased the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner from Headmasters which cost me £30. I'll admit, i felt slightly sick spending that much on shampoo and conditioner, but, yet again i convinced myself it was a good investment. My hair washing routine is a lot different now from what it used to be before i got my hair dyed. The aim is to put your hair through as little stress as possible, and that includes not washing your hair as often. I now only wash my hair twice a week, whereas i used to wash it every other day. The products i use to wash my hair at the moment are the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo, (i used to use the conditioner version as well until i ran out), Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner, and Bleach London Silver Shampoo. For the first hair wash of the week i just use the Paul Mitchell Shampoo and the Aussie Conditioner. I choose to use Aussie Condition instead of buying more Paul Mitchell Conditioner because i think Aussie are a really good high street hair brand that have high quality products for a cheaper price. I always towel dry my hair a little bit before applying conditioner as damp hair absorbs conditioner better than wet hair. I leave my conditioner on for at least 5 minutes and then get on with the rest of my shower. My second hair wash of the week is exactly the same apart from the fact i add in another lather and rinse with my Bleach London Silver Shampoo. I love this product!! However, i do recommend a little bit of caution when using it. I use it because it is brilliant at removing the brassy tones and yellowness that can come with bleaching your hair. To return your hair to its original whiteness of when you first got it dyed, i would recommend using 1 dessert spoons worth of the silver shampoo, more and the result will be more of an ashy tone to your hair.

After washing my hair, i then use my other products i have displayed in the photograph above. I use the Aussie Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Lightweight Condition Spray to protect my hair from heat. Some people only use heat protection spray for when they are using hair straighteners or styling tongs. However, i think it is important to use it even for when you blow dry your hair, especially when you have dyed hair. It is important to remember that any type of heat can damage your hair. After spraying this into my hair, i then use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixer. I have mentioned this product in my May Favourites post, so you will know how much i love it! It has sunflower oil in it which is particularly great for blondes! I squirt about half a teaspoons worth of the oil into my palm, rub my hands together and then i run my hands through my hair, making sure i coat the tips. After this i wrap my hair up in a towel and will leave for at least 10 minutes. This allows the oil to really soak into your hair giving it a softer feel when dry. After i have finished blow drying and styling my hair, i always finish off with the Lee Stafford Arganoil Miracle Shine Spray. This really makes a difference to the overall look of your hair! Spray all over your hair, then run your fingers through and give a good shake, and voilà you are left with shinier and softer hair!

So there you have it, all the tips and products that i use to maintain my white hair. They really do make a difference and i would highly recommend all of them. I hope you have found this post helpful. Please feel free to comment down below to let me know your thoughts or if you use any different products that work magic on your hair too! All links to my social media are to the right, so go give me a follow on them if you fancy it!

Peace & Love,

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