Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Getting Reacquainted With My Home Town.

Hello Everyone!

I have had a really busy day today getting reacquainted with my local town Market Harborough. Since moving from Brighton i have been a little anxious about getting to know my surrounding area again. Obviously as i have had a taste of Brighton, other cities/towns are going to be hard to live up to what i am now used to. My main concern, which might seem a little silly, is that i wasn't going to find a good coffee house. As you may know from my post about "my top 5 places to go in Brighton" in which i featured my favourite cafe Nest, i am a little bit of a coffee snob. I tend to avoid the big chain coffee houses as i find the coffee weak. So, today i made plans with a friend to meet up and explore Market Harborough again.

After posting a tweet asking for recommendations of a decent place to get coffee in Market Harborough, i was advised to go the Kitchen Range Cookshop on Church Street which has a cafe at the back. I walked in and i couldn't help but look around at all the coffee machines and mugs that they had on display. I was curious to see how a cafe would fit into a cook shop, yet when i gazed upon the cute decor and the cake display, i felt that the progression from the cook shop into the cafe worked really well. They had a good variety of different types of coffee and cakes, which i am now determined to work my way through the menu! I ordered a Cappuccino and a slice of chocolate and raspberry cake . And my friend ordered a creme brûlée latte, a chunky slab of millionaire shortbread, and a scone (she was rather peckish!). As my cappuccino was put in front of me, all of a sudden i felt nervous. Nervous to try a cup of coffee, sounds stupid i know! But it dawned on me that if i wasn't that impressed what was i to do next? Where else would i go? For someone reason i had pinned all my hopes of a decent cup of coffee on this little cafe at the back of a cook shop.  After having my first sip, i breathed a sigh of relief. My cappuccino was everything i had been hoping for. It was strong, rich, and it complimented my cake. I was a very happy bunny!

We left the Kitchen Range Cookshop Cafe very full and satisfied. After a bit of window shopping and looking around the market which had lots of antique things, we then brought magazines and went to a little park area. It was lovely to sit, chat, read magazines, and take selfies (what else are girls going to do!?) whilst the sun was out! Seen as Market Harborough is only a small town, depending on the time of day, it can be such a peaceful place to be, which is something i did miss whilst i was in Brighton. 

I then went to get my hair cut. I only had a trim as i pray to the hair gods everyday to give me long hair! But it is important to get rid of those nasty spilt ends folks! 

Today i have realised that what makes a small town is the people. Everyone one knows everyone in a place like Market Harborough, and sometimes that might feel a bit invasive, but for the most part its nice to feel part of a community. Everywhere i went today either i or my friend knew a person working there, and it was lovely to connect with people on more of a personal level. 

Even though i grew up and spent most of my life in this area, being in Brighton for two years i have changed as a person. I view things differently. I will admit that i have been scared that when i moved back to my home town i was going to be treated like an outsider. But today i have realised that some of my anxiety is unnecessary. I think i have said before in a different post that i am planning on doing another post on how to survive in a new city, and that will be coming soon! But for now, i am slowly getting reacquainted with my local area and the people who live here. The changes we go through might not be what we have in mind, but sometimes you just have to go with it and you never know what good might come out of it!

I hope you have liked this post about how i am trying to ease myself into living in my home town again and my mission to find good coffee!  As you know all my social media links are to the right!! Give them a click and follow! If you would like to get to know my gorgeous friend, who is called Briony, check her out on twitter or to go her Depop and find her at Briony Devereux! 

Peace & Love,

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