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How To Maintain White Hair.

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Today i am going to be telling you how i maintain my white hair! I dyed my hair at the start of April, so i have had white hair for 9 weeks now and i am not going to lie to you... it does take a fair amount of effort and products to keep it looking bright and healthy! I have always had really light blonde hair anyway, which was fairly admired by hairdressers since i can remember and i have always been told never to dye my hair. But within the past year i had been extremely bored with my hair, and sometimes a person just needs a change. After experimenting in my bathroom with an at home hair dye kit (which was a disastrous experience. My mum practically cried when she saw me after i had dyed it myself), i took myself off to Headmasters in Brighton which has a great reputation! I am now also a V.I.P member at Headmasters which means i get 25% off all hair services  from Monday-Friday 9am-4pm (They have salons all over England, so if you live in a town where they are, just go onto their website and sign up to be a V.I.P. It's completely free and you get 25% off all hair services. Win, win!). After spending 5 hours at the hairdressers, which in that time i had a full head bleached, my roots bleached, all over toner, and a cut and style, i finally left feeling ecstatic with my new white hair! Since then i have spent many mornings washing my hair with special shampoos, rubbing oil at the tips, and softly brushing my hair praying the ends do not break. It is a fact that coloured hair needs a lot of time to keep in good condition, but luckily i have discovered a few products that make the whole process just that bit easier. So here are some of the products that my hair cannot live without!

After talking to my hairdresser about how to maintain my new hair, i purchased some shampoo and conditioner from Headmasters. My hairdresser had told me that when hair goes through the stress of being bleached it looses a lot of its protein, which is why it is highly advised that you invest in a high protein shampoo and conditioner for the first month after having your hair bleached. I purchased the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner from Headmasters which cost me £30. I'll admit, i felt slightly sick spending that much on shampoo and conditioner, but, yet again i convinced myself it was a good investment. My hair washing routine is a lot different now from what it used to be before i got my hair dyed. The aim is to put your hair through as little stress as possible, and that includes not washing your hair as often. I now only wash my hair twice a week, whereas i used to wash it every other day. The products i use to wash my hair at the moment are the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo, (i used to use the conditioner version as well until i ran out), Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner, and Bleach London Silver Shampoo. For the first hair wash of the week i just use the Paul Mitchell Shampoo and the Aussie Conditioner. I choose to use Aussie Condition instead of buying more Paul Mitchell Conditioner because i think Aussie are a really good high street hair brand that have high quality products for a cheaper price. I always towel dry my hair a little bit before applying conditioner as damp hair absorbs conditioner better than wet hair. I leave my conditioner on for at least 5 minutes and then get on with the rest of my shower. My second hair wash of the week is exactly the same apart from the fact i add in another lather and rinse with my Bleach London Silver Shampoo. I love this product!! However, i do recommend a little bit of caution when using it. I use it because it is brilliant at removing the brassy tones and yellowness that can come with bleaching your hair. To return your hair to its original whiteness of when you first got it dyed, i would recommend using 1 dessert spoons worth of the silver shampoo, more and the result will be more of an ashy tone to your hair.

After washing my hair, i then use my other products i have displayed in the photograph above. I use the Aussie Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Lightweight Condition Spray to protect my hair from heat. Some people only use heat protection spray for when they are using hair straighteners or styling tongs. However, i think it is important to use it even for when you blow dry your hair, especially when you have dyed hair. It is important to remember that any type of heat can damage your hair. After spraying this into my hair, i then use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixer. I have mentioned this product in my May Favourites post, so you will know how much i love it! It has sunflower oil in it which is particularly great for blondes! I squirt about half a teaspoons worth of the oil into my palm, rub my hands together and then i run my hands through my hair, making sure i coat the tips. After this i wrap my hair up in a towel and will leave for at least 10 minutes. This allows the oil to really soak into your hair giving it a softer feel when dry. After i have finished blow drying and styling my hair, i always finish off with the Lee Stafford Arganoil Miracle Shine Spray. This really makes a difference to the overall look of your hair! Spray all over your hair, then run your fingers through and give a good shake, and voilà you are left with shinier and softer hair!

So there you have it, all the tips and products that i use to maintain my white hair. They really do make a difference and i would highly recommend all of them. I hope you have found this post helpful. Please feel free to comment down below to let me know your thoughts or if you use any different products that work magic on your hair too! All links to my social media are to the right, so go give me a follow on them if you fancy it!

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