Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday Beauty Haul.


I  hope you have all had a magical Monday! The weather has been glorious today, so i have well and truly made the most of it! Today my boyfriend went off to university, which gave me most of the afternoon to myself. I knew i wanted to get out of the house, so i thought it would be nice to wonder around Brighton for a bit and do some shopping.

Brighton has an absolutely massive Boots store in the centre of town, which has pretty much everything beauty and body related you can think of! I only had one thing in mind that i was set on getting, and that was a new nail varnish! I saw the Essie counter out of the corner of my eye when i walked in, which i made a beeline for. They have some really lovely colours for spring and summer at the moment, but i was pretty set on getting a pale colour somewhat in the nude range. Then i found the nail polish called "limo-scene", which i thought was lovely for this time of year, so straight into my shopping basket it went! After buying the nail varnish i started thinking about my hands and how i would like to start taking better care of them. So off i went to find the hand creams! At first nothing was standing out to me, and then i saw the Burt's Bees counter. I love Burt's Bees!! I have had my eye on their Almond & Milk hand cream for sometime now. I have been known to go into my local organic shop and stand sniffing it because i love the smell of it so much. It is so intoxicating, and is has such a lovely sweet smell (possibly a little too sweet for some people). I was a little hesitant about paying £9.99 for hand cream but i then convinced myself it would be a good investment. So into my shopping basket the Almond & Milk hand cream went!
Recently i have been wearing a lot of light pink/nude lipsticks, as i find they really suit my white hair. I have a lot of nude lipsticks and only really one proper pink one which is the Revlon "Pink In The Afternoon" 415, and i think it is the perfect pink colour for me. Yet, recently i have wanted to try a slightly different shade of pink. I went over to the Loreal Paris counter in Boots and started to browse through the lipsticks. Eventually i picked the "Rose Tendre" 303 from their natural collection. When i got home and tried it on, i realised it was a slightly lighter pink than i thought it would be, and i have now decided will only suit certain outfits. I was a little disappointed as i had intended to get a shade that would suit all outfits and i could wear daily. However, i do still really like the Loreal Paris "Rose Tendre" 303, and think it will look lovely with the right outfit!

So that is all i have purchased today! I am really happy with what i got (i cannot stop sniffing my hands as the Almond & Milk hand cream makes them smell amazing!!). After my little shopping trip i went home, applied my new lipstick, coated my nails in the "limo-scene" nail polish, slapped on some of my new hand cream, and then went and met my boyfriend at our local pub and we sat in the beer garden for a couple of hours soaking up the sun! You can check out my twitter & instagram to see what i am getting up to and what new things i am purchasing!

Peace & Love,

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