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My May Favourites.

Hello everyone!

May is over and it is now June! So i thought i would do a post on what i have been loving in May. Apart from that fact that i have spent half of May ill, it has been a pretty good month! The weather has been on its best behaviour here in Brighton, which has meant i have been able to wear outfits that are nicely suited to spring and summer. The things i feature in this post, i have absolutely loved and feel that they have been really great when the weather is starting to change into the summer climate, and you want a fresh and light style to suit it. So i shall get started!

1. Paul Smith Rose Perfume.

Now since i started wearing perfume when i was in my early teenage years, i have only really ever worn one perfume and that is the Kate Moss Femme Eau De Toilette Spray. What can  i say, i found a perfume that i adored the smell of and i stuck with it! However, this Christmas just past my boyfriend brought me the Paul Smith Rose perfume. As you can imagine, a new perfume i had not pre-approved...i was a little weary. I had always been one of those people that slightly presumed that rose scented things are usually a scent associated with, dare i say it, old ladies. Yet, when i smelt the Paul Smith Rose perfume i was extremely and pleasantly surprised! The scent was of course rose, yet it is such a light and gentle smell that i think really compliments a younger lady. Therefore, as soon as the weather man on the television announced winter was over and spring was here, i cracked open my beloved Paul Smith Rose perfume like it was a bottle of bubbly! I now pretty much wear it everyday and have had some nice strangers compliment me on smelling rather lovely. I would very highly recommend this perfume if you want a nice spring and floral scent!

2. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

Again, this was given to me as a Christmas present due to me begging my mum to get it for me. After being green with jealously for a couple of years of my sister who had the Naked 2 palette and spending endless mornings dashing into her bedroom to quickly use it, i finally decided it was time to get my own. And then, Urban Decay brought out this little beauty! I am not very adventurous when it comes to eye shadow. I usually stick to a nude palatte and a basic cat eye flick when it comes to my eye make-up. Yet, when spring arrived and i had newly dyed white hair, i wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try something new. And that is when i discovered pink! I have always stayed away from the colour pink as i thought it was a colour that only really girly girls wear. Boy, oh, boy, was i wrong! I had no idea it was so versatile and may i say goes very well with a lighter hair colour. My favourites on the Naked 3 palate are "Strange", "Dust", "Burnout", "Limit", and i have recently added "Buzz" to the gang! I use them to create a soft pink look over my top eyelid and slightly under my bottom eye lid. Pair this with a nice pink/nude lipstick and you have yourself a lovely spring make-up look.

3. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixer. 

As most of you will know, bleaching your hair can be a very stressful experience on your poor hair, so you have to invest in a few products that are going to bring life to your glorious mane again! When i was getting my hair done i noticed my hairdresser add oil to my hair before she blow dried it and as i wanted to keep my hair in good condition at home, as soon as i left my 5 hour appointment (Yes, 5 hours!!) i went straight to Boots and brought the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixir. And let me just say, it is a god send!! I really love this product! I apply it to my hair whilst it is damp, leave it for 10-15 minutes, then blow dry. When you have bleached hair it can get very dry and damaged quickly, but with the Oil Elixir my hair stays lovely and soft, and it makes it look nice and healthy too!

4. W.I.P "Meringue" Nail Polish From Urban Outfitters.

I am extremely picky when it comes to nail varnish! I am fussy when it comes to colours and i like a decent quality nail polish as i can't stand it when it chips after only a couple days of being applied. For spring/summer i love nude colours on my nails, as i think they go with every outfit! Recently i felt like i wanted something a little different from my usual nude colours, but i did not want to go too far out of my comfort zone. So one day i was wondering around Urban Outfitters and came across this little beauty! I thought the colour was really cool as it was not really a white but it did not really seem to be different pale colour either. It goes with pretty much every outfit i put on, and especially goes lovely with blue outfits! The quality of it is good as well, you only need to apply two coats (I do not have the patience to use nail polish that needs more than two coats)! So there you are, a lovely nail polish for spring!

5. Korres Bergamot Pear Bodymilk. 

Just one thing... i LOVE this product! It is pretty much a body lotion, with a slight runny texture. It soaks into my skin so nicely! One thing i do not like when it comes to body lotions is when you still feel sticky and it has not soaked in properly hours after you apply it. Korres is such an amazing brand anyway so i was expecting good things when i purchased this product. It actually leaves my skin looking moisturised and healthy as well, which is just what you want when you purchase bodymilk. And can i just say the smell of this stuff is intoxicating! It really does smell like pear! I tend to use this product a couple times a week and always use it when i go out or if i am having my legs or arms on show. So to sum up, this is GOOD STUFF and a great plus is that it is 92.3% natural content! I love it. I love you Korres, i really do.

6. Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell. 

One thing you should know about me is that i am OBSESSED with sunglasses! They are by far one of my favourite things to shop for and i pretty much have an addiction for them! Recently i brought a pair of hexagon tortoiseshell sunglasses from ASOS, and i felt fairly disappointed in them (And that is why i do not like buying sunglasses online, you need to try them on before buying!!). For one thing, the shape of the hexagon did not look right. It looked more like a bumpy circle, and secondly the tortoiseshell colour had a weird green tint which i was not loving. So, a couple of weeks ago fate hit and my boyfriend sat on my hexagon sunglasses which resulted in them breaking! I was upset as even if i do not like a pair of sunglasses i find it upsetting if they break. However, this gave me an excuse to go and buy these beautiful cat eye sunglasses i had been eyeing up in Urban Outfitters for a while. I adore them, and they are buy far my favourite sunglasses i own at the moment and think they will be for the entire summer!

So there you have some of my favourite things from May! I truly love all of these things and highly recommend all of them. If you follow my instagram you will see most of these products feature in my photos and you will also see what else i purchase and love! Hope you have enjoyed this post and i will do a June favourites in a month!

Peace & Love,


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