Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My New Summer Hair

Hello Everyone!

As the weather has finally decided to start acting like it is summer, i thought it was about time i got a hair cut!

There are a few things that needed doing to my hair. Currently the main thing being my roots. I cannot even look at them at the moment. However,  i am being a bit fussy about where i get my roots done, so i am still trying to find a decent hairdressers up here in leicestershire. So seen as my roots are on a waiting list right now, there is one thing that was an emergency! And that is the ends of my hair. I cannot stand it when i have spilt ends. Every other day or every few days, i will use hair straighteners on the ends of my hair to curl it slightly, giving my hair a bit more volume and bounce. If you have read my blog post on how i maintain my white hair, then you will know what hair products i use. Therefore you will know that i use heat protection spray. It really is a must when you apply heat to your hair! I currently use a heat protection spray by Aussie and it works fabulously. Yet, no matter how much heat protection you use, those pesky spilt ends will make there appearance at some point! For me, spilt ends affect the texture and the look of my hair. Which results in my hair looking unhealthy. As soon as i start to see them arrive, i send myself off to the hairdressers to cut them away from the rest of my hair. Which is exactly what i did last week!

I am one of those people that have been trying to grow their hair for years! When i was 16/17 i had shoulder length hair and hated it! Then when i stopped curling it everyday and left it alone for a bit, it finally started to grow. After years of waiting and watching, my hair had reached my chest. A.K.A the bottom of my boobs! This length has been good to me. It allowed me to try more styles and i found it care free and easy when i didn't want to put much effort into my hair. 

So last week i walked into my local hairdressers and asked from a trim. Just enough off to get rid of my spilt ends. After doing the usual small talk with my hairdresser and fiddling around on my phone a bit, did i realise i had been sat there for a while and my hairdresser and just kept on cutting. Now i do realise it is a common thing for hairdressers to get a little scissor happy, and to by honest it does not bother me that much if they do. In the end, your hair will always grow back. When i got back home and did the usual looking in the mirror and checking out my new cut, did i realise i had slightly longer than shoulder length hair again. For a second the panic struck in. The years i has spent hating having shoulder length hair and the other years i had spent growing it out, all flushed away down a big toilet for hair. It was only when i started to play around with my new hair and try different styles, that i realised it was the perfect cut for me for the summer. Yes long wavy beach hair for the summer is every girls dream, but my new hair has been great this past week since i had it cut. I have found that the best look for me is when i curl it and leave it down. It seems a lot more of a relaxed hair style, and compliments the weather like a dream. Hot sticky necks are now a thing of the past for me! 

Like i said, at the end of the day hair is hair and if you get a bad hair cut it will grow back. However, this time round it worked out great for me. So who knows, if you go into the hairdressers asking for one thing and come out with something slightly different, just go with the flow! And if you really don't like it... i suggest not going back to that hairdressers. 

Have you ever been to the hairdressers and come out with a different style than you expected? And what do you think is the perfect hair cut for summer? Let me know by commenting down below or contacting me at my  twitter

Peace & Love,

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