Thursday, 12 June 2014

Neal's Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture.

Hello Everyone!

After doing a few lifestyle posts, i thought it was about time i did another beauty post! Recently i have been looking for a new face moisturiser. For the past few months i have been using the Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream, but if i am completely honest i am quite bored of that now and was not particularly found of it's scent. So whilst i have been out and about the past couple of weeks, i have kept my eye out for a new moisturiser. I wanted something light that would easily absorb into my skin, so that i am not waiting around whilst doing my morning routine to start applying my make-up. I have quite good skin in honesty. I get the odd spot occasionally, but apart from that i do not have anything to complain about. I wanted a moisturiser that would benefit my skin, but also give it a treat at the same time. So the hunt was on!

Today i met up with some of my lovely friends in Leicester for a catch up. This was my first time going into Leicester city centre since returning from Brighton. I have been into Leicester more times than i can count , yet today i felt myself a lot more aware of the city. It was a strange feeling but something i am sure i will get used to.

Whilst in John Lewis i spotted the Neal's Yard Remedies section. I have heard of the brand but have never personally tried any of their products before. Shallowly i was drawn to the packaging. I am a sucker for anything that comes in a pretty bottle. I picked up the Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture. After squirting a bit on my hand and having a sniff, i was sold. By the time i got it home, i was literally beside myself with excitement. I could not wait to take all my make-up off, tie my hair in a bun, and apply my new moisturiser. Made up of neroli oil, antioxidant pomegranate oil, and lots of other lovely oils and extracts for your skin, i knew i had chosen wisely. It's main purpose is to replenish and protect dry skin. I am luckily not to get much dry skin on my face but i do get a little bit around the end of my nose.

This moisturiser is so lovely. It is light in texture and was a dream to apply to my skin. Absorbing quickly, i was soon feeling the results. It has been a few hours since i applied it and i am still touching my face and loving how soft it feels. It makes such a perfect moisturiser for the summer. I would also recommend this moisturiser for people who particularly like to moisturise in the evenings. Obviously i will still be using this product in the mornings after my usual shower. Yet, i think that because it has such a beautiful effect to your skin, that it would be more appreciated without having make-up applied onto of it. Is it just me who thinks that is what makes a great moisturiser? The one's that make you feel content enough to go make-up free.
I would love to hear your thoughts on facial moisturising and what you think makes a great moisturiser.

Peace & Love,

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