Monday, 16 June 2014

That 60's Look.

Hello Everyone!

When it comes to my style, i have always been heavily influenced from the 1960's. Ever since i was 14 i started to discover this whole new culture from the 60's. Instead of my idols being the latest popstars, i was admiring women such as Brigette Bardot, Pattie Boyd, Anna Karina, Jean Shrimpton, and Edie Sedgwick. As i have gotten older, i have learnt how to incorporate the 60's into my style. When it comes to make-up, the cat eye flick is defiantly my main feature. If i don't have at least a small cat eye flick, my face feels bare. I feel too exposed and a lot more insecure about myself than if i did have cat eye flicks on. Personally, i like to keep a flair of the 60's and mix it up with whatever the current fashion is. Obviously, i have my own style and there are a lot of current styles that i really do not like. I can be very picky about clothes and my make-up style. I tend to stick to what i know and what i like. Yet, i will try out new things, which is just a part of how your style grows. 

For todays look, i have gone for more of a obvious 60's influence in my make-up. If i go for something very 60's, then i will keep another aspect of my look simple and modern. For example, as you are about to see in my photographs, i have gone for heavy eyeliner and a thick cat eye flick, which i took inspiration from a few of the ladies i mentioned above. So because of my eye make-up being heavy, i kept my lips simple with a nude/pink and didn't properly style my hair. I just sprayed a bit of dry shampoo into my roots, and ruffled my fingers trough the tips of my hair

I kept to my usually make-up routine until it came to my eyes. When you have thick eyeliner, i find it best not to use a coloured eye shadow as i feel it just looks too much. So today i just used "strange" from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, which just gives my eyes the lift they need. Now comes the most important thing you are going to need to create this look. Whether you use an eyeliner pen or liquid eyeliner in a bottle with a small brush, it really is simple to do a cat eye flick. Today i used the Rimmel London Scandeleyes Eyeliner. Out all all liquid eyeliner pens i have used, this is the one i would recommend! 

I would love to know what influences you in your style and how you like to incorporate them. Also, i would like to point out that the eyebrow pencil i use at the moment makes my eyebrows look slightly ginger in certain lights, so i am on the hunt for a new product for my eyebrows. Recommendations will be welcomed! BTW, nothing wrong with having ginger/red hair! I just mentioned it because i am am a natural blonde, so usually have light brown eyebrows, just incase there was any confusion as to why my eyebrows look different colours in photographs.

 All links to my social media are to your right! If you liked this post and are interested in seeing more of how i style myself, then you will find my instagram the best source for my style to go to! 

Peace & Love,

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  1. Love the look! Your liner is perfect!


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