Monday, 9 June 2014

The Bullring.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have had a super duper lovely weekend! Yesterday was particularly beautiful and sunny, so i spent it sat in the garden having a BBQ. Happy days!

As some of you might know if you follow me on twitter, i went to Birmingham on Saturday! I have never properly been to Birmingham before, which is naughty of me seen as leicestershire is pretty much only an hour away via car travel. Last week my beautiful mother turned 50! I unfortunately was in Brighton on the actually day of her birthday (bad daughter). Yet, I knew when i moved back to Leicestershire on Friday i would do something nice with her. So on Saturday, my mum, myself, my sister, and my sisters boyfriend, drove to Birmingham with one thing in mind. The Bullring. Now, if you are familiar with the city of Leicester you will know that it has The Highcross which is a very big shopping centre. So i thought i had seen pretty much how big a shopping centre can get. How wrong was i! When i saw the Bullring (keeping in mind it is spilt into two buildings as it is so big!) my mind was blown! The Bullring is MASSIVE! I felt like i was in Disneyland for shoppers. We got to the Bullring around 1pm, so decided we would get lunch before we started our mission of finding my mum a nice outfit to buy with her birthday money. We all agreed that Pizza Express was the place to go. I personally think that pizza express is great for lunchtime. They have such a good range of salad, and i like how they have a special section on their menu for items that are under 500 calories, which is perfect for lunch! I ordered the Leggera Superfood Salad which consisted of roasted butternut squash, avocado, beetroot, mozzarella, pine nuts, lentils, and a balsamic dressing. It was delicious!!
With our now full stomachs we set off to the Selfridges section of The Bullring. Now this could be a shopping centre on it's own! It had four floors which were all big! I was immediately drawn to the beauty floor. Even though the whole day was for my mum to find an outfit, and i was their mealy to be a "wing-shopper" and an adviser. I couldn't help myself when i went over to the big MAC section, which i couldn't help myself so i purchased a new lipstick (Go to my "Think Pink" post to see which one).  Second to the beauty section of Selfridges, i was then drawn to the bottom floor which was the food hall!! I was amazed again! They had a massive bull in the middle made from jelly beans!! I challenge anyone to not stand and stare with their mouth open upon seeing it. All the food looked yummy, partially the cupcakes and macaroons.

After hours of trailing around all the shops, giving my advise on all the different dresses and jumpsuits my mum tried on, we finally had a winner! My mum ended up purchasing a jumpsuit from Karen Millen in Selfridges, which she looks beautiful in. After spending 6 hours shopping, we left The Bullring with bags of clothes and make-up in tow. Obviously i would have gotten more out of the experience if i had been shopping for myself, but it was my mums day, and my shopping craving was satisfied with my new MAC lipstick. I had a lovely day and when i think about all the things my mum does for me, it was lovely to spend a day all about her. I did not get as many photographs as i would have liked of Birmingham and The Bullring. However, here are a few to slightly wet your appetite! Enjoy!

Peace & Love,


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  1. Hi! I was just passing through and wanted to say hello :) you have a lovely blog! Hope you have a lovely day xx
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