Sunday, 8 June 2014

Think Pink.


Natural pink lipsticks are rather an addiction for me.  They are hands down my go to shade of lipstick! I often find that when it comes to choosing a shade of lipstick, the time of year and season plays a big part in what colour my lips are going to be. Autumn and Winter is when i prefer to have more of a dramatic make-up style, which is usually dark reds.  For spring and summer i like to keep a more natural and fresh make-up look. For years i have been stuck in a rut of nude lipsticks, and this year i wanted a slight difference but not to go completely out of my comfort zone. Since i have dyed my hair white, i have found pink shades really compliment my hair. I stay clear of hot pinks. Unless i was a little plastic doll, the barbie look just isn't for me. The shades of lipstick i have been purchasing recently have all been within the pink/natural palette and i have been loving them! Often i will find three or four of these little beauties hidden away in my handbag as i will carry them around with me due to not wanting to depart from them. Pink/natural shades are just so handy for this time of year. They go with pretty much any outfit, and i have found they go especially well when i wear blue. All the lipsticks that are featured in the photographs above, i have an deep obsession with! As you might be able to tell, some i have had for a while and others i have recently purchased. I would highly recommend all of these lipsticks and they really do give a pretty lift to any look that you might be going for. The Topshop, MAC, and UNE lipstick, i use for when i want a more natural look which i would probably pair with a subtle pink eye shadow. And for the Revlon and L'oreal Paris lipstick,  i would use when i want more of a pop of pink!

Topshop Lips "Beatnik".

L'oreal Paris Natural Blondes "Rose Tendre" 303.

UNE Lip-Toned Colour L02.

Revlon "Pink In The Afternoon" 415.

MAC "Brave" A24.

Well i hope this post has fulfilled your beauty craving on this lovely sunday! 
What is your favourite pink/natural lipstick that you are loving at the moment? And if you have any recommendations i would love to hear them!

Peace & Love,


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