Friday, 6 June 2014

Welcome To My Family Home!

Hello everyone!

As you may know from my last blog post, me and my boyfriend moved out today!! We have left the glorious Brighton and come back to Leicestershire. Today has been one of the most exhausting days i think i have ever had! I am currently sat writing this barely able to stay awake, plus i have a throbbing headache and back ache. Boohoo! I have spent this last week slowly preparing myself for our departure. Gym memberships were cancelled, posters were taken down, and out came the suitcases! For our final day in Brighton, me and Tom took a walk around the city. I could not help having my bottom lip pop out whenever i saw a particular shop or cafe that i like. After returning home we spent the evening relaxing at a pub with our lovely housemates, enjoying food, drinks, and giggles! Before i knew it this morning had arrived and moving day was here! Everything was packed and ready to go! I found myself sat in our armchair eating a croissant and drinking coffee, staring at our belongings shoved into lots of bags. Yet within an hour, there was a lot of hustle and bustle getting all our things into a van (including a vespa!) and at 9:45am we left Brighton. It takes around 2 & 1/2 - 3 hours to drive from Brighton to Leicestershire. Is it just me, or is there something really tiering about being in long car/van journey? There was only so much of the Stone Roses i could stay awake for! When i arrived at home, it was lovely to be greeted by my family and my dogs. However, i think they felt a little deflated when they saw how much stuff i had brought back with me! Since getting back in the early afternoon, i have spent the entire day clearing out all of my old stuff (It really is liberating when you get rid of all your belongings you do not need/want anymore!), cleaning my room, and then unpacking everything i had brought with me and finding a new home for it. It took me 7 hours to do all that!! Hence, why i am currently in a sloth like state on the sofa in my living room! Mine and Tom's plans are to stay at my parents house for a month or two, and then move into a flat of our own in the city. If i struggled with unpacking things into my old bedroom today, god help me when we move into a flat!! After living away from home for almost two years, i am looking forward to having a couple of months of pure family time! Here are some photographs i took today, which some of them will give you a brief tour of my family home (with added selfie, that i took whilst procrastinating when i was unpacking!).


Morning croissant! YUM-O!

My wardrobe after unpacking all my clothes!

My attempt at making my bookshelf look pretty.

My rug i got from Urban Outfitters a year ago. 

The bathroom.

The kitchen.

The Annex. (Sorry about the quality of photograph!)

The kitchen in the Annex.

My parents office in the Annex.

And finally i leave you with a photograph of my dogs!

Well that's it folks! Moving truly is exhausting work and i would highly recommend purchasing an energy drink the morning of your moving day! Thanks for checking in and i will be back with more posts that will hopefully introduce you to the world of Leicestershire if you do not already know it. 

Peace & Love,


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