Thursday, 10 July 2014

Friday Playlist


My apologises for being awol from my blog this week. I had a busy weekend, which tired  me out for most of this week. I have also been quite reclusive this week and have not wanted to be part of the rest of the world or the internet world. I am feeling better now, so i shall update you on everything that has been going on in my next posts.

Again, my apologises for not posting a playlist last weekend. So to make up for it i have created, what i personally think is a babe of a playlist! The past week i have been craving autumn. I am aware it is summer and i should be making the most of it, but for a self conscious recluse like me, summers not exactly all picnics in a meadow.

Therefore, i have created a playlist of some of the songs that remind me of the season autumn, which allows me to fantasise about golden leaves, sipping hot coffee indoors whilst it rains, and tartan scarfs.

Give the playlist a follow on Spotify. Let me know what you think! You can tell me by my twitter or commenting down below.



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