Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturdays Playlist & Saturday Playlist Part Two

Well do i have a treat for you! This evening whilst putting together my usual weekend playlist, i found myself torn between two different directions i wanted to go down for the vibe of my playlist. I wanted to reflect what i have been listening to this week, yet this evening i have just been feeling Acid House. oh yeah, I'm into Acid house. You better believe it!

This first playlist is a mash up of tracks i have been listening to this week and music that has kept me sane during a fairly stressful and hot week. Maybe start off with this playlist if you are having a fairly chilled Saturday.

The second playlist is ACID HOUSE BABY... with the odd non-acid house track thrown in, yet keeping with the same sort of vibes. Last weekend a rave took place near where i lived and until late that evening i had no idea that it was going on and already had plans. Had i had known about this particular rave, i would have been there in a shot with my glow in the dark body paint and rave whistle! I own neither but lets just say i would have gone and thrown some shapes down.



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