Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday Summer Playlist

Before i introduce you to the playlist i have made for this weekend, i would like to address the fact of absent posts from my blog recently.

At the moment i am going through, what i have been told all bloggers go through at some point, a "Bloggers Block". I am at war with myself recently with deciding what content i want to be blogging about. I am feeling a change from what i had originally planned the themes of my blog to be about. So, for the time being until i have fully decided what i want to the content of my blog to be (at the moment i am thinking more lifestyle, music, and art related...) i am afraid post are going to be less than i would like them to be. All i ask for is your patients and to keep of eyes open for when a post will appear on my blog. The only consistency on my blog at the moment is my weekly weekend playlists. So i will crack on with my playlist for this weekend!!

With the heat and sunshine we have been having recently, i have been meaning to create a playlist for the Summer! The majority of the songs i have featured in this playlist are what i personally relate to Summer. However, there is a magic mixture of genres, so i am hopeful it is going to be bliss to most of your ears! Plus, i am going to keep on adding to this playlist, so keep on checking it for new songs!!

 ... also, if you follow me on twitter you may already know that there is another playlist coming this weekend! It is going to be created by a guest to my Spotify profile and my blog! This person really knows there stuff, so keep your eyes and ears open for the playlist to come!!



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