Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Playlist 24.10.14

Happy weekend everyone!

For this Fridays playlist you may need your glow stick and smiley face t-shirt on, as this weeks i have gone Remix mad! I wanted to give a shout out to some of the great remixes that are out there. So here is my tribute to the world of Remixes... (and the odd non-remix that would suit you just as well to jump up and down whilst fist pumping!). 




Saturday, 18 October 2014

Saturday Playlist - The Combo

It has been a few weeks since i have created a playlist, so i thought i would hit you with a double whammy to make up for it!
I decided to create two playlists when i was half through making the first one. As i was not in a "fuzzy bunny on acid" kind of mood, i soon realised my playlist was a bit depressing. Beautiful...but depressing none the less.
So i have given you two playlists. The first being a playlist if you are in more of a "chilled out, feeling mellow, or a little bit glum" mood playlist. Within this there is a hefty amount of Sigur Ros, mainly because they have been what i have been listening to mostly this week. I saw Sigur Ros live once and...well you can only believe how incredible they are live.
The Second playlist is more of a "Happy Go Lucky/getting down and funky" kind of playlist. This being a mixture of some of my favourite songs.

Whichever one you choose to listen to, if not both of them... ENJOY.


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Monday, 6 October 2014

My New Autumn/Winter Coat

When turning a new page of my calendar and being faced with the month 'October', i knew that it was that time of the year again that i have to make room in my wardrobe for a new coat.

Each year when shops bring in their newA/W range, we are bombarded with more choice of coats than we can cope with. In my years i have spent hours looking online at styles, shapes, and colours of coats, only too break down in store, clutching a coat in each hand and being told politely that the store would be closing shortly and if i wished to make a purchase that i should be quick about it.
Unless you can afford to purchase more than one, the majority of us have one coat to where for the whole of autumn and winter (Or more should i say, anytime from September to March if you live in England). To me, this is a pretty big commitment and the coat of choice has to be a good one!

The only other coat i have is an oversized fluffy leopard print beauty! It was given to me by my boyfriend Tom when we first started going out, so of course... me and this coat are now life partners. However, as much as i love it, leopard print doesn't go with every single outfit (no matter how hard i try to convince myself it does). Last autumn and winter i was guilty of constantly wearing Tom's oversized camel duffle coat, but i knew i wouldn't be able to get away with that this year. So today after browsing online at coats that were way out of my budget, i set off in town and was on the hunt for my new coat.

Rule number one for shopping for a specific item: Never have a set idea for what you are going to buy. Be open minded!
Today i went looking for a 1970's style long coat with a fur collar. After going into 5 different stores, my dream of the perfect 1970's coat was crushed. I had to change my game plan. I gave my self 3 rules:
1. Keep it classic.
2. It must be warm.
3. No leopard print.

The reasons behind my rules are as followed; I like to think my personal style is quite classic with influences from decades such as the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Even on a day where your keeping it casual, a coat can transform your whole look. So i think it is best to have a coat that can go with everything.
Me and the cold do not exactly get along. I feel as soon as it gets to September i am constantly complaining of being cold. I knew i would kick myself later if i purchased a coat that i still got the shivers in. And lastly, "No leopard print", for the simple reason that i already have that style of coat. I can be easily swayed by leopard print, so i knew i had to be firm with myself when it came to this rule.

Eventually i settled on the beautiful coat you see in the photograph. I think it obeys all the rules i set myself when searching for my new coat and i can see myself wearing it in future years. I like clothing that has personality to it and i think this coat has tones! It's classic in the fact that it is black and has an essence of the 1960's about it, however i think it fits into A/W14 trends as this coat is all about the texture! To be honest, i cannot wait to spend most of the next 5-6 months wearing this coat... i'm going to look like a big cosy bear, and thats ok with me!

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