Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Yes i admit to it... I love christmas music!

Since childhood i have been a BIG christmas person. It has always been my favourite time of year and even as i have gotten older i have never lost the excitement and anticipation that i feel when December rolls around. 

I always think there is something nice about the fact that as individuals we all have our different tastes in music, however when a christmas song comes on the radio, we all know the words and can sing along with each other. It is one of the things that brings people together. And whats better than singing Fairytale of New York when your really really pissed!

Today i have put together a playlist that is only made up of my absolute favourites from the christmas season. There is a mixture of some classics and some lesser know tracks from christmas albums that have been brought out by artists in the past. 

I hope you enjoy listening to it and get into the christmas spirit. 




Tuesday, 8 December 2015


First of all i would just like to apologise about the quality of my photographs. Until i either find my charger to my Canon camera or buy a new one, i have to settle for my iPhone. And until i get more time to go out with an assistant photographer, it is just me taking them myself. The struggles of balancing a full time job and blogging are real! 

I think i have stated before in another post that Zara have firmly become my current favourite high street store to shop in. I have found that of recent times my style has become slightly minimalistic and Zara have been perfect for offering up great basic pieces to suit this. The other day i came across this pleated midi skirt and thought it would be a great versatile item in my wardrobe for this season. One of the things i like the most about it is its suede effect material. 

Today i have dressed it down with a woollen jumper and some metallic flats. It would be just as easy to dress up with a black lace cami and a pair of heels, which makes it perfect for the coming party season. 



Saturday, 28 November 2015


Aged 20

Aged 19

Aged 19

Aged 19

Aged 19

Aged 19

Aged 21

Aged 20

I have really enjoyed creating my mini series "Music of My Younger Years" for my blog. Sadly, we have come to the last playlist. The 19 - 21 years... man those were the times! 

Warning: disgusting soppiness ahead!

At 19 i met Tom and my life has been on a non-stop whirl wind ever since. So because of that i am dedicating this playlist to my him. The boy who opened a whole new world of music to me and for just making life pretty fucking great.

When Tom entered my life he brought with him Northern Soul, Brit Pop, Electronic, Mod and Soul. When we moved to Brighton music became a massive part of our life style. We didn't own a TV so we listened to music in the evenings and we loved the night life and the sound that went with city. Being so close to London we were able to go to a lot of gigs. Seeing Sigur Ros live with Tom is one of my big highlights of being alive. 

As i have gotten older my music has evolved and grown with me, and will continue to do so. 

I have been incredibly lucky to have been surround by people in my life who have greatly influenced the music i listen to, which has allowed me to be push beyond the barriers of the charts and really get into some of the amazing music that is out there. 

I hope you have enjoyed listening to the music of my younger years as much as i did!



Wednesday, 25 November 2015


AGE 15

I have found it so hard to find a single picture of myself at the age of 14 to 16 on any of my social media. Back then it was before the time of Facebook and the good old days of Myspace. I deleted my Myspace years ago so into the black hole of the internet went most of my photographs... photographs that were mostly taken on a webcam and heavily edited (ahem... i.e the photograph above). Of course i do have photographs of myself at these ages but sadly they are back at my parents house. Oh well, you will just have to miss out on seeing a young Alex wearing band t-shirts and heavy under eye make-up.

I really, really enjoyed making this playlist. I will warn you now, it is a REALLY long one. 2006 to 2009 was such a good time for bands! The charts would be dominated by indie/alternative artists instead of dance music like it is nowadays. I used to be able to buy an album and enjoy every single song on there! Presently, it is rare that i will like every track on an album.

In some ways i was fairly lucky at this age. Due to a personal reason i spent a couple of years out of school, which meant i didn't spent that much time around teenagers my own age. Instead i was influenced by my sister and her friends. I think this time allowed me to develop my own taste in music, instead of what people my own age were listening to, which has led me into having my own unique music taste. Although i was going through a bit of a rough time, i had my music and it really allowed me to find my own way in life and form my own opinions.

In this posts playlist is a lot of the music that i still listen to today. It is not always a bad thing to be a teenager with an attitude problem who constantly has there head phones in.



p.s i would love to know what music you were into at this age. Comment below or tweet me


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Before "selfies" were even called selfies. 18 Years Old 

With friends. 17 Years Old (I am the one on the far right)

When i used to go to the pub and order a pitcher of Sex on The Beach all for myself. 17 Years Old

At my schools 6th form leavers party. 18 Years Old

17 Years Old

Absolutely twated in Enigma (My towns only night club) 17 Years Old

At a New Years Eve party. 18 Years Old. 

At a house party. 18 Years Old. (I'm the pissed one at the end)

Whilst on my routinely walk to work this morning, i decided to delve into one of my really old playlists on Spotify. All of a sudden i was reminising and thinking of the times when i used to listen to those particular songs. I then came up with an idea to do a mini music series on my blog. I thought it would be cool if i made a few playlists that showed you what music i used to listen to in my younger years. The first one is music from 2010 - 2011, making my age at those times 17 and 18.  
Then i will make one for music i used to listen to when i was 14-16 and lastly one for when i was 19-21. All will be accompanied with charming photographs of myself at that age. 

I have to say, i defiantly think my most funniest/wild years were when i was 17/18. I used to spend all of my time with friends, driving around, getting drunk... A LOT, camping, house parties, etc. It was just that age where i experienced so much for the first time. I was determined to have as much fun as possible and do whatever the fuck i wanted to do. For my 18th birthday i hired a bouncy castle, got all my friends over and we all got pissed. Warning: Being really drunk on a bouncy castle can be fairly dangerous! ... there was man...woman...ok! ME overboard at one point, i.e i fell over the side and landed on my ass on the hard grass. 

I had a lot of emotions at this age and found i really developed a connection to music... particular when i was upset/angry and didn't know how to process what i was feeling. 

Listening to this playlist and looking back at all my old photographs, i would say i have certainly changed a lot. I was finding out who i was back then and now i have a pretty good idea who that is. I may have changed in my appearance, but i am still the crazy, free spirt on the inside.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Who knows, maybe it'll will be nostalgic for you too!



Friday, 13 November 2015


The stress of finding something to wear to last you the party reason is real people! Every year i am bombarded with having to find new things to wear to christmas parties, dinners and of course New Years Eve. The main thing to remember is that this is the time to have fun with your outfits. Pretend you are playing dress up and make a statement. I really enjoyed browsing through Asos as they have some really great choices for going out over the next month or two. I hope you enjoy looking through what i really wish i had the money to buy! 

1. Asos Foil Floral Midi Skater Dress £75 - The perfect party dress if you want something that is a mix of chic and quirky. 

2. Asos Velvet Asymmetric Bandeau Midi Dress £58 - Nail the dark romance trend with this dress. I would personally add a vintage touch with a bag and a 1940's hair style.

3. Urbancode Faux Grizzly Fur Jacket £239 - I have a real addiction to faux fur coats. One of these over the top of any party dress would complete the outfit. 

4. Asos Midi Flutter Sleeve Glitter Splice Dress £48 - This little beauty is what i have picked out as my dress to wear when we cross over into the year 2016! 

5. Asos Co-ord Pearl Embellished Clutch Bag £38 - I loved the detailing and embellishment on this clutch bag. Perfect if you want to jazz up a plain outfit. 

6. Asos Geo Shimmer Panelled Shift Mini Dress £75 - My inner Mod was calling me when i picked this dress. 

7. Lulu Guinness Lips Perspex Clutch in Garnet £245 - Classic. 

8. Asos Premium Satin Contrast Jumpsuit £60 - I thought this was a really nice structured jumpsuit that had an edge of class with the satin material. 

9. Asos Platinum Pointed High Heels £42 - I thought the yellow colour was really fun and unique. The perfect pair of heels to make a statement with. 

10. French Connection Diana Swirl Maxi Dress £130 - I love this design. I think it is such a modern twist on the 80's evening wear. 

11. Dune Aimey Silver Metallic Heeled Court Shoes £79 - I have an obsession with silver metallic shoes at the moment!!

12. Just Female Enigma Leather Jacket in Jungle Green £369 - A leather jacket always adds a nice grungy contrast to a party dress. 

13. True Decadence Plunge Front Embellished Palazzo Jumpsuit £72 - A true example that you can still look as sexy as fuck without showing too much skin. 

14. Faith Pony Zip Top Clutch £39 - I had a thing about dark green at the moment. 

15. Monks Pleated Metallic Wide Leg Trouser £35 - Be bold! This time of year is about making a statement. 

16. Asos Paradise Pointed Mules £30 - If you are bored of the average joe stiletto. 

17. Asos Sequin Strip Pussy Bow Blouse £55 - I would personally style this blouse tucked into a leather skirt. 

18. The White Pepper Moon Clutch Bag £38 - Have some fun when dressing up this party season! 



Saturday, 24 October 2015

24.10.15 PLAYLIST

Two playlists that have been thrown your way in the space of 5 days! I know, i know... i am on the fucking ball this week. What can i say, there is just so much good music about at the moment.

Saying that though, tonights playlist is a mixture of old and new. It has been inspired by Autumn and in a way my cold... so at least one good thing has come from feeling like shit.
I thought it would be nice to make a playlist that would be really suited to orange leaves, chilly walks, hot drinks and... snotty noses.

On this playlist i particularly enjoyed Pure Bathing Culture and LEON.

Feel free to get in touch with me. I would be quite interested in hearing what you are listening to at the moment and what your go to music is in the Autumn.

You can Tweet me or comment on this blog post or my Instagram!




Thursday, 22 October 2015


& Other Stories website is one of my favourite fashion store websites to browse on. The styling for the clothing is always beautifully done! So kudos to the stylists at & Other Stories!

Over the past few days i have come down with an actual bastard of a cold. I am currently sat with a hundred tissues around me and have the facial expression of someone who has recently been awoken from being dead. I also have the oblatory feeling sorry for my self when ill, so i thought i would make a wish list to cheer myself up and get some inspiration for dressing myself over the next month or two. 

& Other Stories A/W collection is so beautiful i could weep. 

Photo one: Wrap Front Dress - £69. This dress is so versatile that it demands to be purchased. 

Photo two: High Waist Skinny Jeans - £55. I am in desperate need of a new pair of black jeans. The key to black jeans is to dye them black every once in a while. Faded black jeans make me want to cry. 

Photo three: Oversized Wool Blend Coat - £165. The colour of this coat is so beautiful. Traditionally this shade of blue is more associated with spring fashion, however i think styled correctly it can add a real edge to your A/W look. 

Photo four: Pleated Skirt - £55. Yeah, be prepared to see pleated skirts everywhere in the next few months. They are a big trend this season. 

Photo five: Leather Ankle Boots - £95. Black boats are a classic but i love the fact these boots allow the ankle to be visible. 

Photo six: Pleated Skirt - £69. Dark grey is such an underrated colour. 

Photo seven: Leather Tote - £165. I am in need of a new work bag and i think i have found the one. 

Photo eight: Cotten T-shirt - £19. I love the neckline of this t-shirt. Something like this is perfect for making an minimalistic outfit stand out. 

Photo nine: Mohair Blend Scarf - £35. I like my scarves to be quite plain. That way i can use them with most outfits. 

Photo ten: Textured Knit Sweater - £39. The pattern and colours in this jumper make for a really eye-catching item. 

Photo eleven: Strip Knit Dress - £55. Classic. 

Photo twelve: Patent Leather Mini Skirt - £145. If you feel like jazzing up your mini skirts, go for patent. 

Photo thirteen: Square Toe Leather Ankle Boots - £125. Hi my name is Alex and from September to April i have a boot addiction. 

Photo fourteen: Faux Fur Coat - £165. I have no words. 

Photo fifthteen teen: Double Slit Skirt - £69. Do not be afraid to wear colours like this for fear of them washing you out. Making a statement with colour does not necessarily mean wearing bright colours. The slits on this dress as well are perfection. 

Photo sixteen: Mohair Blend Sweater - £65. I was sold at Mohair. 

Photo seventeen: Night Sky Jacquard Sweater- £65. This is a jumper you can have so much fun with this season. I would defiantly recommend investing in a funky jumper for A/W. 


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