Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Playlist 17.02.14


I cannot begin to describe to you how fucked off i am with Winter right now.

I just cannot be arsed with it anymore.

Do not get me wrong... I love winter. I love the magic of Christmas. The massive wooly jumpers. The crisp mornings and the cosy nights in. Yet, i am now finding that every part of me is yearning for summer.
I dream of beer gardens and light evenings. The smell of BBQ's and the stickiness of holding an ice cream. I want to be able to wear sunglasses without seeming like a twat for wearing them in the wrong season.

However, the season does seem to be changing from Winter to Spring, so the end is in sight!

Today's playlist is a mix up of all different genres of songs/artists that i have indulged in listening to whilst basking in the summer sun.

So enjoy! Who knows, it may put you in the Summer mood too!



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