Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Is it just me that gets bored of listening to the same old music/playlist on my phone at the gym?

Every week i face the same frustration at the gym when it comes to what music to listen to whilst working out. For the past year or so, i have been listening to the same playlist on my phone. Obviously the music on there changes occasionally, like when i get horrendously bored of a song or it doesn't give me the same boost of energy that it used to. 
So the songs get deleted from the playlist for a while. Then when i get bored of whats left on my playlist, i scroll through my music and end up adding the same songs back into the mix. This has been an on going circle in my work out routine. 

Theres a few alternatives that are provided to us to fix this little problem. 

One: Most gyms nowadays have televisions on the walls. They are usually programmed to certain music channels which fill the gym with whatever songs are currently in the charts. 

Everyone has their own preference whether or not they like to listen to music whilst working out, and the majority of us do. Therefore, we all have our own tastes and like different type of music/songs, allowing us to achieve the most out of our work outs. 
So the problem with gym TV's is (in my opinion)... It hardly ever provides the music that we would choose to listen to ourselves. 
The music channels are also on a loop, so you often here the same songs more than once whilst in one gym session. 
And finally, you can barely hear them over the grunts of beefy men and the bangs of weights being dropped. 

Two: Work out CD's. 
Every January we are bombarded with work out CD's, mainly by the ministry of sound or a sports brand. These however have the same problem as my work out playlist on my phone. I listen to it a few times and quickly get bored of whats on there. 
They also feature mostly up tempo tracks which are not ideal when your on a mat stretching out your calf muscles or doing sit ups. 

To help with the frustration and boredom that often surrounds music to work out to, i have decided to create weekly playlists that are specailly tailored for listening to whilst exercising. These playlists will go live every Monday, as most people tend to work out in the weekdays. Hopefully they will keep you motivated and your work out fresh and fun!

The first Work Out  Playlist is a mixture of songs that i quite often listen to whilst exercising. I have based this playlist on how i work out at the moment. 
If like me, you start your work out with high cardio then progress into weights and mat work, it will suit that routine. However, you can easily switch up the songs to an arrangement that suits you!
The playlist starts with up tempo tracks which are more suited to running and a high cardio workout. The tracks then flow into a more of a slow tempo which you can enjoy whilst on low cardio machines/ weight work. 

Get in touch if you would like to see more of a theme in the Work Out Playlists.
I would also love to know what type of music you usually enjoy listening to whilst working out. 




Saturday, 14 March 2015

14.03.15 Playlist.

Tonights playlist comes to you from the conner of my old bedroom in my parents house, as i have come back for the evening to use the free wifi and because my boyfriend has gone off bartending until the early hours of the morning, leaving me to entertain myself! So obviously, i would use this time to crack out a playlist and because i cannot stand Saturday night television.

Tonights playlist is mostly centred around albums/artists i have been listening to and enjoying this week. Last weekend whilst me and my boyfriend were moving our belongings into our new flat he put on St Vincents new album which caught my attention, resulting in me listening to it all week. I have to say it is one of the best albums i have listened to in a while. 

Secondly, the band Years & Years has very recently popped up on my music radar. I have given them a fair amount of my time this evening and have come to the conclusion that i rather like them. However, i do suspect this is mainly due to the fact that i have the hots for Olly Alexander. 

Enjoy the playlist!

As per usual you can keep updated with playlists via my twitter Lexihardy04 . 

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