Saturday, 14 March 2015

14.03.15 Playlist.

Tonights playlist comes to you from the conner of my old bedroom in my parents house, as i have come back for the evening to use the free wifi and because my boyfriend has gone off bartending until the early hours of the morning, leaving me to entertain myself! So obviously, i would use this time to crack out a playlist and because i cannot stand Saturday night television.

Tonights playlist is mostly centred around albums/artists i have been listening to and enjoying this week. Last weekend whilst me and my boyfriend were moving our belongings into our new flat he put on St Vincents new album which caught my attention, resulting in me listening to it all week. I have to say it is one of the best albums i have listened to in a while. 

Secondly, the band Years & Years has very recently popped up on my music radar. I have given them a fair amount of my time this evening and have come to the conclusion that i rather like them. However, i do suspect this is mainly due to the fact that i have the hots for Olly Alexander. 

Enjoy the playlist!

As per usual you can keep updated with playlists via my twitter Lexihardy04 . 


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