Tuesday, 14 April 2015


According to the people on the television, we are to expect sunny and warm weather this week! I don't know about you, but i for one will be trying to get out of the gym and taking my work out outside. I am sure it will be a treat for onlookers to see a young woman grunting and wiping the sweat from her forehead whilst they might be enjoying a picnic in the sunshine.

Remember to drink extra water if you are working out in the sunshine and heat!!



Sunday, 12 April 2015

TURNING 22 + 12.04.15 PLAYLIST

It has been almost a week since i turned 22 and i do not feel a day older than 17!

For the past few years when i look at the clock and there is a few remaining hours until my age goes up a year, i have been experiencing little mid life crises.
I enter a world full of panic and resentment towards my birthday. I stopped getting excited for my birthdays when i turned 20 and left the life of a teenager behind. Subconsciously this could all be down to myself not wanting to face responsibility of my own life but the reality is that i am getting older (or as my boyfriend says "getting old as fuck!") and the decisions i make now will have an impact on the rest of my twenties and beyond!

Saying that, i would like to move on from my feelings of impending doom every time i have a birthday and onto how i celebrated the event!

I have never been one to make a big fuss over my birthdays. As with most people, my birthday usually consists of family, friends and alcohol!  My birthday was on a Wednesday this year, so i spent the day having lunch with a few members of my family, then i went out for a meal with my boyfriend. I ended up getting a bit drunk off of a strong G&T so we didn't make it a late one!

On Friday i had plans to go out with a few of my friends. I had ordered a dress online from & Other Stories and it came in the post on the Thursday. To justify the reason i don't usually shop online, i didn't like the dress when trying it on and felt it wasn't right for the occasion. Commence panic shopping Friday daytime! Eventually i found a black dress (pictured above) from Topshop. Usually i would shy away from a dress like this because it is a 3/4 length and i personally think 3/4 length dresses are quite unflattering on my legs. However, i liked the neckline and the way it made my breasts look. On the night i paired the dress with some blush pink heels and a black leather jacket.

I had a lovely birthday that was made even more special by my family, friends, and especially my boyfriend Tom. This weeks playlist is a little nod to some of the music that Tom used to play when we first met. However, i have added a few personal favourites of my own in there!

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12.04.15 PLAYLIST


Monday, 6 April 2015


After an indulgent Easter weekend, i don't know about you, but i am defiantly in need of this weeks Work Out Playlist.
Last week i had to take a break from my usual trips to the gym and running around my local park. The main reason is that i got yet another cold! Hand on heart i can honestly say that i think i have the shitest immune system on the planet. As well as having a cold, i was also on my period. So, you know... who can be arsed going to the gym with that combination going on! However, this week i am determined to get back into the swing of my work out routine. I have recently purchased a pair of off-white jeans and would like my ass to look good in them!

I hope you enjoy this weeks Work Out Playlist!

What do you like to listen to whilst working out? Let me know on Twitter!




P.s. Please let me know if you are having trouble listening/getting onto my playlists. Spotify seems to have changed its way in how it lets me post my playlists.


Sunday, 5 April 2015


Is it just me that if suffering from feelings of a slug-like nature from eating what seems like an excessive amount of chocolate this week? I am not a big celebrator of Easter, yet i do enjoy the day for some good old family quality time.

This morning i awoke from a magnificent lay in craving something that did not require much effort but would satisfy my taste buds. I knew today would involve a lot of sickly foods so i felt it import that i got some vitamins and nutrition into my body at some point in the day. I made myself a breakfast smoothie which consisted of:

1 Banana
3 Strawberries
A handful of spinach
A spoon of peanut butter
A spoon of flax seed 
... and finally a dash of water!

This then gave me the boost of energy that i needed to get myself out of bed and ready for the day. On Sundays i do not usually bother to put make up on as i like to give my skin a break from make-up at least one day out of the week. However, seeing as today i was going to see all my family i made a special exception to my "No Make-Up On Sundays" rule.

When seeing all my family, and in particular on a Sunday, i like to keep my outfits quite casual and comfy. Yet today as it was a "special occasion" i decided to make a little more effort. I recently purchased this top from Urban Outfitters. They currently have a sale on and this little beauty caught my eye whilst i was browsing their website in my spare time. Today i paired it with black jeans and my Swiftheart slippers from Topshop. I have recently purchased i pair of off-white jeans from Topshop and can see this top going well with them.

It was nice to enjoy a Sunday where i spent it in the company of my family, playing board games and indulging in chocolate. However much i might be regretting the latter of the two!

How did you all spend your Easter Sunday?



Friday, 3 April 2015


Happy Friday evening to you all!

As promised I am starting off the first of my weekend playlists! Tonights playlist is a mixture of some of the music i have been listening to and enjoying this week.

Tweet me if you have any requests of playlist themes or songs/artists that you would like to hear in a future playlist. I myself like to hear recommendations of new music to check out as well!

I hope you all have a bitchin' weekend and enjoy the playlist!



P.S. Spotify is no longer allowing me to copy the playlist codes into my blog posts which is why the visuals for the playlists have gone. So i am now having to copy the playlist link into the posts. If anyone knows why Spotify has stopped allowing the code to be copied/how to get it back, please let me know! As it's fucking annoying!! Anyway... ENJOY     x

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Hello again!

There has been a lot of changes in my life in the past 6 months. The main events have been that i got a new job and i moved into a flat with my boyfriend. In that time you may (or may not) have noticed my blog go through changes itself. I had reached a point in blogging where i did not have a clear focal point for my blog. My mind had become unresponsive to coming up with blog post ideas. The only thing that remained a constance was my playlists... which is when i announced the blog was to become solely about music.


Here i am again! Making yet another change to this blog. A change that i hope shall be the final one and the most successful one of them yet!

I don't want to have to be boxed into one area of blogging. I love music, fashion, lifestyle, food, etc, and i want to be able to incorporate all that i love into this blog. Blogs are a reflection of ourselves, so we might as well include all the parts of ourselves that we will enjoying sharing with other people.

What you can expect from this blog as of today!...

Music. I am still going to be uploading playlists weekly. I also plan to stick to the weekly 'Work Out Playlist' and will be uploading them every Monday. Another playlist will go up on either Friday or Saturday evening. You will get a heads up which day it will be on Twitter!. This playlist will consist of songs/artists i have been listening to that week.

Fashion. I have always been into fashion and personally feel that within the past couple of years i have really found what my personal style and taste in clothes are. I also feel that now my job is very fashion based, i have gained a bit more knowledge and my interest in fashion has heightened. On this blog i shall be uploading outfit posts, clothing hauls, and anything else fashion related that comes to mind!

Lifestyle. I really want my lifestyle to be a big part of this blog from now on. This is going to cover a lot of things, such as interior design, fitness, places, etc. What i love reading the most on other peoples blogs is posts that i can relate to and gain advice from.

Food. Mmmm....food! If like me, you constantly search the internet for new recipes/food inspiration, then hopefully this blog will be a place you can come to seek such things! I am a vegetarian so i aspire to include vegetarian recipes and advice on living without Meat and Fish. I also bake, so prepare to see some cake pics! I try to mix it up with Gluten Free recipes as well, and generally keep it interesting when it comes to food and baking.

There you have it! A brief description of whats to come on this blog. I hope you enjoy this journey that my blog and I are going on.


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