Sunday, 5 April 2015


Is it just me that if suffering from feelings of a slug-like nature from eating what seems like an excessive amount of chocolate this week? I am not a big celebrator of Easter, yet i do enjoy the day for some good old family quality time.

This morning i awoke from a magnificent lay in craving something that did not require much effort but would satisfy my taste buds. I knew today would involve a lot of sickly foods so i felt it import that i got some vitamins and nutrition into my body at some point in the day. I made myself a breakfast smoothie which consisted of:

1 Banana
3 Strawberries
A handful of spinach
A spoon of peanut butter
A spoon of flax seed 
... and finally a dash of water!

This then gave me the boost of energy that i needed to get myself out of bed and ready for the day. On Sundays i do not usually bother to put make up on as i like to give my skin a break from make-up at least one day out of the week. However, seeing as today i was going to see all my family i made a special exception to my "No Make-Up On Sundays" rule.

When seeing all my family, and in particular on a Sunday, i like to keep my outfits quite casual and comfy. Yet today as it was a "special occasion" i decided to make a little more effort. I recently purchased this top from Urban Outfitters. They currently have a sale on and this little beauty caught my eye whilst i was browsing their website in my spare time. Today i paired it with black jeans and my Swiftheart slippers from Topshop. I have recently purchased i pair of off-white jeans from Topshop and can see this top going well with them.

It was nice to enjoy a Sunday where i spent it in the company of my family, playing board games and indulging in chocolate. However much i might be regretting the latter of the two!

How did you all spend your Easter Sunday?



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