Sunday, 12 April 2015

TURNING 22 + 12.04.15 PLAYLIST

It has been almost a week since i turned 22 and i do not feel a day older than 17!

For the past few years when i look at the clock and there is a few remaining hours until my age goes up a year, i have been experiencing little mid life crises.
I enter a world full of panic and resentment towards my birthday. I stopped getting excited for my birthdays when i turned 20 and left the life of a teenager behind. Subconsciously this could all be down to myself not wanting to face responsibility of my own life but the reality is that i am getting older (or as my boyfriend says "getting old as fuck!") and the decisions i make now will have an impact on the rest of my twenties and beyond!

Saying that, i would like to move on from my feelings of impending doom every time i have a birthday and onto how i celebrated the event!

I have never been one to make a big fuss over my birthdays. As with most people, my birthday usually consists of family, friends and alcohol!  My birthday was on a Wednesday this year, so i spent the day having lunch with a few members of my family, then i went out for a meal with my boyfriend. I ended up getting a bit drunk off of a strong G&T so we didn't make it a late one!

On Friday i had plans to go out with a few of my friends. I had ordered a dress online from & Other Stories and it came in the post on the Thursday. To justify the reason i don't usually shop online, i didn't like the dress when trying it on and felt it wasn't right for the occasion. Commence panic shopping Friday daytime! Eventually i found a black dress (pictured above) from Topshop. Usually i would shy away from a dress like this because it is a 3/4 length and i personally think 3/4 length dresses are quite unflattering on my legs. However, i liked the neckline and the way it made my breasts look. On the night i paired the dress with some blush pink heels and a black leather jacket.

I had a lovely birthday that was made even more special by my family, friends, and especially my boyfriend Tom. This weeks playlist is a little nod to some of the music that Tom used to play when we first met. However, i have added a few personal favourites of my own in there!

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12.04.15 PLAYLIST


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