Tuesday, 30 June 2015


dress: kin by john lewis
shoes: topshop
sunglasses: topshop

Today has been hot. I can honestly say that every single part of my body has sweated today. However, i am so thankful the summer is finally here! Bring on the beer gardens and sticky ice lollies.

After work today i brought the dress i am wearing in the photographs. I have had my eye on it for a while but for some reason have been put off it a little bit. I never usually go for patterns this bold.
But for some reason today i was feeling brave and thought "Fuck it!" , why can't i wear something a little out of my comfort zone?

I am looking forward to wearing this dress a lot over the summer. The only slight... negative about this dress is the way it is designed does make me look like a have a tiny baby bump. That minor detail doesn't really bother me personally, but i can understand why some women wouldn't like a dress to sit like that on them.

I am off to go eat some food outside and bask in this glorious sunshine!


Sunday, 28 June 2015

28.06.15 PLAYLIST

jumper: zara
jeans: h&m

Casual Sundays are literally my favourite kind of day. The only reason i have proper clothes on today is because i have to go out later, otherwise it would be the sofa and Pj's for me.

Todays playlist is a mixture of songs/albums that i have liked that have been released within the past few months. Obviously i could add a lot more but i try to avoid making the playlists too long. So i have been thinking i will do a playlist of the recently released albums/songs that i have liked every few months.
For this playlist in particular, i have loved Everything Everything's new album! It has been on repeat for the past week (almost, as it was released on the 22nd).

Let me know what albums that have been recently released that you are enjoying.



Saturday, 27 June 2015


The same thing happens every time i buy a new pair of shoes. I suddenly declare that this pair of shoes are the most perfect thing on the planet and i have undying love for them. That is until i buy the next pair of shoes.

Last night me and my boyfriend Tom spontaneously went on a date night. After being ill this week i needed a little pick me up. We went for a meal at Bills which is one of my favourite restaurants. I wore my new red shoes with an oversized black dress and a leather jacket. I can never wear tight clothing when going out for a meal as i suffer from bloat really bad. In the past i have tried going gluten free and still do try when the option is given to me. However, i haven't really stuck to it properly to see if it will help with my bloating in the long term.

I have worn these shoes almost every day since buying them. The other day i paired them with white jeans and a blue gingham top, and today wore them with a denim dress. I am really enjoying the colour red at the moment as i also brought a red jumper and have some red sunglasses.

As i have bleached blonde hair, there are a few colours i do not suit anymore. So its nice when i can get away with wearing a colour that i like so much.



Tuesday, 23 June 2015


There is no denying the perks of smoothies and juices. I am no stranger to the eye roll at yet another smoothie/juice Instagram post as the ever growing health craze continues. However, why should we deminish the smoothie craze when there is no real disadvantage of them?

Today i find myself laying in bed feeling sorry for myself as i have been struck down with tonsillitis. I don't know about you but when i am ill, i really crave smoothies and juices. They are perfect for when you are not feeling great and the prospect of a giant plate of fruit and veg seems too much to handle. I love smoothies because you can make them up as you go along. Unless there is a particular recipe i am looking for (energy boost, clear skin, detox, etc.) or i just happen to fancy something, then when it comes to making a smoothie i simply look what ingredients i have and go from there.

In my opinion there are no rules to smoothie/juice making. Like with anything, it is all about trial and error. It may look like swamp water or like it has come out of an infants nappy, but if it tastes good then whats the problem!

 This morning smoothie consisted of:

2 handfuls of strawberries

a handful of frozen red grapes

3 big handfuls of spinach

1/4 of a banana

teaspoon of flax seed

1/3 cup of water

I decided to add more spinach than i usually would to my smoothie this morning because Spinach is high in Iron and Vitamin K which restores energy and increases vitality.


Monday, 22 June 2015


I have mentioned in previous post that & Other Stories is one of my favourite stores. Overall the clothing is quite minimalistic, yet with some breath taking patterns added in. I love how the clothing is shaped and sits on a persons body. I personally feel it is very unique and beautifully designed. 

Here are some of the pieces that i currently desire from & Other Stories. I mainly had Summer in mind when choosing these but have added the occasionally jumper into the mix for Autumn. This Summer i have a couple of occasions, such as a wedding to look forward to, so i have picked out a couple of dresses for that. I find & Other Stories clothes very versatile, so you could buy a dress from there and it can easily be styled for day or night wear. 

Let me know what you are currently coveting from & Other Stories! 



Saturday, 20 June 2015

FUNK - 20.06.15 PLAYLIST

I hope you are all having a nice weekend.

I have been busy working, but still found time to take a couple of photographs of the scenery on my walk home today.

Todays playlist is purely for the love and devotion of funk music.

I have always have an extremely versatile music taste. There are only a couple of  genres of music that i think are shit and not worth a listen, but other than them i am open to giving most things a listen. My parents were absolutely brilliant at bringing me up on a decent music taste and making sure i listened to music that they grew up listening to and love, instead of having me just listen to the spice girls.

I have to thank my dad for getting me into funk. I have memories of walking into the kitchen and finding my dad doing the washing up whilst having funk music playing loudly and bopping his head to the rhythm of the bass.
Through my love of funk, i have found that it has influenced the way i listen to music nowadays. I tend to prefer/really get into songs that have a profound bass. After trying my hand at musical instruments such as the piano and guitar, i found that what i really wanted to play was the bass guitar. I have posted a photograph (selfie) i took on my 21st birthday moments after Tom gave me a bass guitar. Hands down, top 3 best gifts of all time!!

In the past i have made a few funk playlists, but the one i am posting tonight is the ULTIMATE FUNK PLAYLIST. Last weekend whilst Tom was out working, i sat and watched The Mighty Boosh. My all time favourite television show, just in case you were wondering! My favourite episode is Old Greg. This particular episode has funk running through it, which got me in the mood to make a funk playlist!


Tweet me or leave a comment if there are any funk songs that you would have added to the playlist! If they are extra funky i will add them to it.



Thursday, 18 June 2015


dress: & other stories

& Other Stories has quickly become one of my favourite shops. Last year whilst in London i went into their store and ever since have constantly tortured myself with hours of scrolling through their website. 

Any type of shift dress and i am almost automatically sold on it. Personally i feel this style of dress suits my body type the most, so i do purchase a lot of these dresses for work, occasions and general wear. 
I brought this dress from & Other Stories because i needed something versatile. Black, the most versatile colour there is, was the obvious choice. The reason why got this dress was mainly because of the back. I would rather show a bit of back than a bit of tit any day. Of course theres been times where a bit of tit has been shown, but most of the time this wasn't on purpose. 

With this dress being backless, comes the question of whether or not to wear a bra with it. Personally i think the answer simply comes down to what occasion you are wearing it for. Work, a family dinner, a funeral... then i would defiantly say wrap them up! But for evening or out and about in the day etc, allow them to have a sense of freedom!

This evening me and my boyfriend Tom took a quick stroll around the city before getting down to the usual cooking and laying on the sofa for hours. We've both been busy with work this week but felt like we wanted to walk in the sunshine before it went away and we both get stuck inside all day again. It also gave me an excuse to wear my favourite pair on sunglasses. Tom reckons i look like Willy Wonka when i wear them because of my short hair. The Johnny Depp version. 

Have a nice evening. Drink some cider. Listen to some music. Eat some food. You know, the usual stuff.

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