Sunday, 28 June 2015

28.06.15 PLAYLIST

jumper: zara
jeans: h&m

Casual Sundays are literally my favourite kind of day. The only reason i have proper clothes on today is because i have to go out later, otherwise it would be the sofa and Pj's for me.

Todays playlist is a mixture of songs/albums that i have liked that have been released within the past few months. Obviously i could add a lot more but i try to avoid making the playlists too long. So i have been thinking i will do a playlist of the recently released albums/songs that i have liked every few months.
For this playlist in particular, i have loved Everything Everything's new album! It has been on repeat for the past week (almost, as it was released on the 22nd).

Let me know what albums that have been recently released that you are enjoying.



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