Saturday, 20 June 2015

FUNK - 20.06.15 PLAYLIST

I hope you are all having a nice weekend.

I have been busy working, but still found time to take a couple of photographs of the scenery on my walk home today.

Todays playlist is purely for the love and devotion of funk music.

I have always have an extremely versatile music taste. There are only a couple of  genres of music that i think are shit and not worth a listen, but other than them i am open to giving most things a listen. My parents were absolutely brilliant at bringing me up on a decent music taste and making sure i listened to music that they grew up listening to and love, instead of having me just listen to the spice girls.

I have to thank my dad for getting me into funk. I have memories of walking into the kitchen and finding my dad doing the washing up whilst having funk music playing loudly and bopping his head to the rhythm of the bass.
Through my love of funk, i have found that it has influenced the way i listen to music nowadays. I tend to prefer/really get into songs that have a profound bass. After trying my hand at musical instruments such as the piano and guitar, i found that what i really wanted to play was the bass guitar. I have posted a photograph (selfie) i took on my 21st birthday moments after Tom gave me a bass guitar. Hands down, top 3 best gifts of all time!!

In the past i have made a few funk playlists, but the one i am posting tonight is the ULTIMATE FUNK PLAYLIST. Last weekend whilst Tom was out working, i sat and watched The Mighty Boosh. My all time favourite television show, just in case you were wondering! My favourite episode is Old Greg. This particular episode has funk running through it, which got me in the mood to make a funk playlist!


Tweet me or leave a comment if there are any funk songs that you would have added to the playlist! If they are extra funky i will add them to it.



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