Tuesday, 30 June 2015


dress: kin by john lewis
shoes: topshop
sunglasses: topshop

Today has been hot. I can honestly say that every single part of my body has sweated today. However, i am so thankful the summer is finally here! Bring on the beer gardens and sticky ice lollies.

After work today i brought the dress i am wearing in the photographs. I have had my eye on it for a while but for some reason have been put off it a little bit. I never usually go for patterns this bold.
But for some reason today i was feeling brave and thought "Fuck it!" , why can't i wear something a little out of my comfort zone?

I am looking forward to wearing this dress a lot over the summer. The only slight... negative about this dress is the way it is designed does make me look like a have a tiny baby bump. That minor detail doesn't really bother me personally, but i can understand why some women wouldn't like a dress to sit like that on them.

I am off to go eat some food outside and bask in this glorious sunshine!


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