Saturday, 27 June 2015


The same thing happens every time i buy a new pair of shoes. I suddenly declare that this pair of shoes are the most perfect thing on the planet and i have undying love for them. That is until i buy the next pair of shoes.

Last night me and my boyfriend Tom spontaneously went on a date night. After being ill this week i needed a little pick me up. We went for a meal at Bills which is one of my favourite restaurants. I wore my new red shoes with an oversized black dress and a leather jacket. I can never wear tight clothing when going out for a meal as i suffer from bloat really bad. In the past i have tried going gluten free and still do try when the option is given to me. However, i haven't really stuck to it properly to see if it will help with my bloating in the long term.

I have worn these shoes almost every day since buying them. The other day i paired them with white jeans and a blue gingham top, and today wore them with a denim dress. I am really enjoying the colour red at the moment as i also brought a red jumper and have some red sunglasses.

As i have bleached blonde hair, there are a few colours i do not suit anymore. So its nice when i can get away with wearing a colour that i like so much.



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