Thursday, 18 June 2015


dress: & other stories

& Other Stories has quickly become one of my favourite shops. Last year whilst in London i went into their store and ever since have constantly tortured myself with hours of scrolling through their website. 

Any type of shift dress and i am almost automatically sold on it. Personally i feel this style of dress suits my body type the most, so i do purchase a lot of these dresses for work, occasions and general wear. 
I brought this dress from & Other Stories because i needed something versatile. Black, the most versatile colour there is, was the obvious choice. The reason why got this dress was mainly because of the back. I would rather show a bit of back than a bit of tit any day. Of course theres been times where a bit of tit has been shown, but most of the time this wasn't on purpose. 

With this dress being backless, comes the question of whether or not to wear a bra with it. Personally i think the answer simply comes down to what occasion you are wearing it for. Work, a family dinner, a funeral... then i would defiantly say wrap them up! But for evening or out and about in the day etc, allow them to have a sense of freedom!

This evening me and my boyfriend Tom took a quick stroll around the city before getting down to the usual cooking and laying on the sofa for hours. We've both been busy with work this week but felt like we wanted to walk in the sunshine before it went away and we both get stuck inside all day again. It also gave me an excuse to wear my favourite pair on sunglasses. Tom reckons i look like Willy Wonka when i wear them because of my short hair. The Johnny Depp version. 

Have a nice evening. Drink some cider. Listen to some music. Eat some food. You know, the usual stuff.


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