Friday, 31 July 2015


Tonights playlist has meaning behind it and a powerful message.

On Friday the 21st of August 2015, Music Cafe in Leicester are hosting an event called Love Music, Hate Racism.

When the day comes i shall be at the event enjoying all the amazing live music and showing my support to the cause. I will be doing more of an in-depth blog post about the event the day after, allowing me to talk more about it.

The playlist i have made for tonight is a mixture of genres that will be played at the event. I would like to say when making my playlists i am a very professional person, however the reality is that the reason it takes me ages to make them is because i constantly pause to jig about and enthusiastically dance.

If you are planning to attend the Love Music, The Racism event hosted by Music Cafe (which i encourage many of you to), i would love for you to get in contact with me so you can share your thoughts on the event.

Enjoy the playlist!


31.07.15 PLAYLIST

(For some reason i can't paste the embed code into my HTML so please click on the link above to listen to the playlist until i have figured out how to fix it!)

Thursday, 30 July 2015


bag: pied a terre
purse: biba

This Sunday i am attending a wedding. My first wedding of the year! 

I love going to weddings. I find everything about them so loving and magical, which perhaps makes me a sucker for all things romance. What i love just as much as the wedding itself is choosing an outfit to wear for the occasion. At the end of the day it gives me an excuse to buy more clothes, and i am hardly going to pass up that opportunity. 

Next week i will be doing a post on the overall outfit but today i thought i would give you a little sneak peak at the accessories. 

I adore the colour of the purse and bag and personally feel they are going to go really well with the dress i will be wearing. Whilst trying to find a bag i toyed with the idea of buying a clutch, but i really need a bag to have a handle. I fear too much that if i were to have a clutch bag, i would put it down somewhere and completely forget about it.

I am looking forward for you to see the overall look!

Hint: The dress is from Whistles. 


Thursday, 23 July 2015


shoes: urban outfitters
candle holder: john lewis
candles: tiger

There is nothing better than finding that pair of shoes that you get so much wear out of during a season!

Whilst venturing in and out of every store looking to see what their summer clearance had to offer, i came across these shoes when i visited Urban Outfitters.
If i remember rightly, i think i was on the search for a pair of shoes that would go with a blue dress from Whistles that i had brought. At £30 i thought these shoes were a bargain and managed to fit my feet into the last size 5 that they had.

Honestly, they are so comfy to wear. As they have a slight platform, which raises the whole of the foot, not just the heal, my feet stay flat when i wear them. Which means i don't get achy feet and i gain 2 inches in height! Pretty much living the dream right there!

These shoes bring back found memories i have of wearing clogs as a child. I am a child of the 90's so obviously i used to rock a pair of clogs! I love the updated version however, and particularly like the strap which means i don't have to grip my toes to keep my shoes from slipping off.

Since buying these shoes, i have worn them with so many different outfits as they are so versatile. If you follow me on instagram i have posted a video of what outfit i recently wore with these shoes.


Friday, 17 July 2015

17.07.15 PLAYLIST

Heres a nice little photograph of Tom on his old Vespa for you. I went on his Vespa the other night and i had forgotten how much i love riding on the back of it, driving through country roads with the setting sun in the background. 

It has been a couple of weeks since i have posted a playlist, so prepare yourself... it's a long one!

I have been really busy recently so this past week i have been catching up on some new releases.

Some albums i have been really impressed with in particular. These include: Tame Impala, The Bird And The Bee, and Ezra Furman. I have only included the tracks i really enjoyed from those albums, but if you want a more thorough listen then i would recommend clicking a link onto the full album!

Me and Tom are hoping to take a little trip away to Brighton soon, which i really hope we end up doing because i miss the city SO MUCH! If we do end up going then you can expect a lot of photographs and no doubt a couple of blog posts about it.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. As per usual, any comments or input please tweet me or write in the comment section below!

p.s. I have started to hashtag my playlists with #hardyplaylist



Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Just over a week until pay day. That is all i need to keep on repeating to myself.

One more week to hold it together and then... Let the splurge commence!

This past week i have been really ill, again! Unfortunately my immune system is in a bit of a shit way at the moment and doesn't really seem to be progressing into a healthy state, so i have been battling endless colds, coughs and sore throats.
Hardly a good state to be in to be outside stood around having photographs taken of my outfits. If i am quite honest with you, i wore pyjama's for about four days in a row and i hardly think you want to see them!

Whilst laying in bed and on the sofa for most of last week, i had some time to kill. I spent a couple  of hours scrolling through the Cos website and gazed upon many items that i wish to purchase. Cos is brilliant for unique simplistic pieces.
In this Wish List i have picked out some pieces for work, evenings out, and some casual day time bits.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Just like most people, i try to eat a normal, balanced diet.

However, sometimes, quite often, life will get in the way of trying to have a healthy diet.
Meal times are not always easy when you live with another person, also when that person eats meat and you do not. The key is to compromise.

Here are some photographs of what i ate in a day last week.


 2 handfuls of strawberries
1 mango
1/2 a cup of water
1 scoop of protein powder

In the morning i woke up and made myself a strawberry and mango smoothie. This particular day i was going for a run, so i needed a breakfast that was going to give me an extra boost of energy. Along with my smoothie i also had a 9-Bar.


ingredients: 1 ripe avacado
1 egg
1 bagel
1/2 a lime

For lunch i made myself an avocado and egg bagel. Whilst i poached an egg, i mashed up one avocado and toasted a bagel. Once the avocado was mashed, i then squeezed the juice of half a lime and added a pinch of salt and pepper to it. After spreading the avocado around the bagel and laying the poached egg on it, i tucked in!


ingredients: fusilli pasta
extra virgin olive oil
red onion
chestnut mushrooms
green pepper
green olives

When deciding what i wanted for dinner this particular evening, i knew i wanted a treat. My favourite food is pasta, so we usually end up having pasta 2-3 times a week. I usually use wholewheat or gluten free, but this night i wanted to treat myself with the good stuff!

In the time that my pasta was boiling away, i fried all the vegetables that i had prepared in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper. Once all the vegetables had softened i then added some mascarpone to create a creamy sauce. Afterwards i added the cooked pasta into the vegetables and sauce and mixed them all together. I plated it all up and added some fresh rocket on the side. YUM.

Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration for meals times, and there is only a certain amount of time you can spend scrolling through Pinterest. Please feel free to comment or tweet me on what you favourite go to meal is!


Saturday, 4 July 2015


Unfortunately in todays modern society, when you reach a certain age you have to spend most of your time at work. I like my work, so I'm cool with that. However, when the sun decides to make a rare appearance in the usually dismal summers that we have in England, it sucks ass to be stuck inside.

My patients was rewarded in the end, as last night i went to a BBQ! I am a vegetarian, so I'm the weirdo that rocks up with some halloumi. But the excitement of a BBQ is still there! I got to enjoy some nice food, drinks and friends! I made a playlist for the occasion and it seemed to go very nicely with the atmosphere of sitting outside next to a fire and chilling out.

Hope you enjoy it!


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