Friday, 17 July 2015

17.07.15 PLAYLIST

Heres a nice little photograph of Tom on his old Vespa for you. I went on his Vespa the other night and i had forgotten how much i love riding on the back of it, driving through country roads with the setting sun in the background. 

It has been a couple of weeks since i have posted a playlist, so prepare yourself... it's a long one!

I have been really busy recently so this past week i have been catching up on some new releases.

Some albums i have been really impressed with in particular. These include: Tame Impala, The Bird And The Bee, and Ezra Furman. I have only included the tracks i really enjoyed from those albums, but if you want a more thorough listen then i would recommend clicking a link onto the full album!

Me and Tom are hoping to take a little trip away to Brighton soon, which i really hope we end up doing because i miss the city SO MUCH! If we do end up going then you can expect a lot of photographs and no doubt a couple of blog posts about it.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. As per usual, any comments or input please tweet me or write in the comment section below!

p.s. I have started to hashtag my playlists with #hardyplaylist



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