Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Just over a week until pay day. That is all i need to keep on repeating to myself.

One more week to hold it together and then... Let the splurge commence!

This past week i have been really ill, again! Unfortunately my immune system is in a bit of a shit way at the moment and doesn't really seem to be progressing into a healthy state, so i have been battling endless colds, coughs and sore throats.
Hardly a good state to be in to be outside stood around having photographs taken of my outfits. If i am quite honest with you, i wore pyjama's for about four days in a row and i hardly think you want to see them!

Whilst laying in bed and on the sofa for most of last week, i had some time to kill. I spent a couple  of hours scrolling through the Cos website and gazed upon many items that i wish to purchase. Cos is brilliant for unique simplistic pieces.
In this Wish List i have picked out some pieces for work, evenings out, and some casual day time bits.


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  1. Cos always has such beautiful, minimalistic clothes! x


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