Sunday, 23 August 2015


i have been a bit naughty recently and haven't taken any photographs, so here's a couple of photos from the wedding i went to the other week. the top one is me taking a selfie with an old painting and the other is of my boyfriend tom all suited up.

I often get asked the question "Whats your favourite type of music?", which if you are a music lover is really a very difficult question to answer. I have always been under the opinion that i have a love of an extremely wide variety of genres of music and only have a few types that are not to my taste.

I do think though that there are one or two genres/artists that are embedded to our core. It is usually the music that influenced us in our youth. The music and sounds that sparked our interest in music and led us onto a path of discovery. Of course through out our life our music taste changes or we go through periods of liking certain genres and disliking others, only to feel the opposite about them in a few years time. After a bit of life experience (which is rich coming from myself as i am only 22 years old) and listening to anything and everything, i do think there is that certain genre that we will never fall out of love with. Our go to music. The music that you put on when you finally arrive home, take off your shoes and coat, put your keys on the side, go over to whatever system you have to output your music and just be.

My "core music" is music i grew up with. Music my parents listened to. Music i only really truly appreciated when i reached the age of 14. Music that influenced my personality and style. Music that i can relate to when i am feeling sad, happy, romantic, angry.

If you want to really get to know a person, find out their core music and give it a listen.

I would love to know what your core music is. Tweet me or leave a comment!



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