Monday, 3 August 2015


dress: whistles
bag: pied a terre
shoes: new look
sunglasses: urban outfitters

I love a good wedding. Always have, always will. 

I am not sure what it is exactly about weddings that i love so much. The ceremony itself, where two people declare their undying love for each other and vow to stay by one an-others side for the rest of their lives. Seeing everyone come together in support of the couple. Or simply getting pissed in the evening. A combination of all three i think.

Yesterday i saw a beautiful couple go into the next stage of their lives together. I have to say, i actually got a lump in my throat a couple of times! I must be getting older now and actually turning into a grown up. 

A few weeks ago i saw this dress from Whistles. It was love at first sight and despite it being fairly pricey, i purchased it without hesitation. I don't really do lace, but the fact that the dress is in the shade of one of my favourite colours was a big pro in the "should i buy this dress" pro & con list.  When brought it, i chose to buy a size up to what i actually am. Personally, i prefer my clothing to have a slightly baggy look and i have issues with dresses that cling to my stomach. Plus it is always good to have some wiggle room when knowing you have a eat a large meal. 

With my shoes, i wanted to go down the less obvious path. With a dress this colour, the typical choice of shoe colour would be nude or white. I felt black made a bit more of a stylish statement. 
I had a dilemma however when it came to the height of the heel. Despite the fact i do own a fair few pairs of high heels, i do not in fact wear them that often. I get achy feet a lot and am a very vocal moaner, so i thought it would be best to go for a smaller heel knowing that i would be wearing them for the entire day. 

If you have read my post BLUE ON BLUE you will know all about the handbag and purse that i picked to finish off my outfit. 

If you have a wedding this summer, i wish you all the love, happiness and magic the world has to offer!



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