Monday, 17 August 2015


For some reason i have to say that i don't really shop at ASOS that often. I prefer not to shop online, with the risks of not being able to try clothing on and things not looking right/sizing not being right. I am also too much of a lazy person to constantly be posting clothing back. I am well aware of the fact that i am limiting my shopping experience as there is so much variety on ASOS and other clothing brands who are exclusively online. I only really shop online when my local town has failed me at offering anything inspirational or if i am after a particular item from a store such as & Other Stories.

You may be looking at my ASOS Wishlist and think, why am i bothering still looking at Summer clothing when we are right in the process of transitioning into Autumn/Winter 2015. In 3 weeks time i am off on a road trip through France! I am spending two days in Paris, 3 days in Dordogne and then 7 days in Perpignan. I went to the South of France last September, so it will be nice to visit some different areas. Plus i have never been to Paris before so i am SO EXCITED!

When on holiday i tend to go with what is easy and comfortable, so i end up wearing a lot of dresses. The only time i feel i am going to need long sleeves/cardigans/jumpers is when we are travelling to Dover and through the north of France. After that i shall be exposing as much skin as possible to allow the sunbeams to tan my pale body. 

If you have ever been to Paris, Dordogne or Perpignan and have any suggestions of places to go i would love for you to Tweet, comment or email me!


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