Saturday, 26 September 2015

26.09.15 PLAYLIST

I hope you are all having a magical weekend. So far i have eaten almost an entire chocolate orange to myself and gotten emotional whilst singing Tiny Dancer by Elton John. But hey... the weekends not over yet!

It has been a while since i have put a playlist together... so prepare yourself, it is a hearty one. You know, if you've got a few hours to kill.

I have been away recently (as you know if you have read my previous posts) so i have been a little bit out of the loop with what new music has been coming out into the big bad world.

Tonights playlist is a mix of a couple/few songs from each recently released album i have listened to since my return. Obviously on many of the albums i have enjoyed more than a couple songs, but unless you have all day, then i have to narrow down my favourite tracks to go onto the playlist.

The albums that i have enjoyed in particular are:

New Order - Music Complete

Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie

The Dead Weather - Dodge And Burn

I also threw in Tiny Dancer at the start... because why the fuck not.

Tweet me or comment below if you have any suggestions for other playlists or any requests.




Thursday, 24 September 2015


coat: whistles
dress: urban outfitters

Every autumn it is the same dilemma. What winter coat should i buy? 

We are given so many options that it is impossible to choose. And often, many of us choose more than one... something i am guilty of! For a while i have had my eye on this particular coat by Whistles. I am a big fan of the teddy coat and currently own one in black, so why not add a navy one to the gang! I always feel like i am going to get more wear outfit Autumn/Winter clothing than i do with Spring/Summer, most likely because i live in England!

Whilst i find Spring/Summer style fun to experiment with colour and pattern, i love Autumn/Winter style more as i prefer to experiment with textures and layering. Today i have paired my new coat with a floral dress from Urban Outfitters and a pair of tan croc embossed leather boots. No doubt at a later date i will take better photographs of me out and about in this outfit for you to see. I shall admit that at the moment my canon camera is out of battery and i haven't been able to locate it's charger. So i do apologise for the iPhone photos. 

If you have noticed a lull of posts in my blog recently it is because i have just got back from a road trip in France! I will leave the details of my trip in another post that is going to feature a couple of outfits i wore whilst out there. I have to admit, despite enjoy the sun, sea and wine on my holiday, i love now being in the mist of Autumn. Orange leaves, chilling evening, hot drinks... i could go on. 

I would love to hear/see what Winter coat you have chosen. You can comment down below or tweet me!

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