Saturday, 24 October 2015

24.10.15 PLAYLIST

Two playlists that have been thrown your way in the space of 5 days! I know, i know... i am on the fucking ball this week. What can i say, there is just so much good music about at the moment.

Saying that though, tonights playlist is a mixture of old and new. It has been inspired by Autumn and in a way my cold... so at least one good thing has come from feeling like shit.
I thought it would be nice to make a playlist that would be really suited to orange leaves, chilly walks, hot drinks and... snotty noses.

On this playlist i particularly enjoyed Pure Bathing Culture and LEON.

Feel free to get in touch with me. I would be quite interested in hearing what you are listening to at the moment and what your go to music is in the Autumn.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015


& Other Stories website is one of my favourite fashion store websites to browse on. The styling for the clothing is always beautifully done! So kudos to the stylists at & Other Stories!

Over the past few days i have come down with an actual bastard of a cold. I am currently sat with a hundred tissues around me and have the facial expression of someone who has recently been awoken from being dead. I also have the oblatory feeling sorry for my self when ill, so i thought i would make a wish list to cheer myself up and get some inspiration for dressing myself over the next month or two. 

& Other Stories A/W collection is so beautiful i could weep. 

Photo one: Wrap Front Dress - £69. This dress is so versatile that it demands to be purchased. 

Photo two: High Waist Skinny Jeans - £55. I am in desperate need of a new pair of black jeans. The key to black jeans is to dye them black every once in a while. Faded black jeans make me want to cry. 

Photo three: Oversized Wool Blend Coat - £165. The colour of this coat is so beautiful. Traditionally this shade of blue is more associated with spring fashion, however i think styled correctly it can add a real edge to your A/W look. 

Photo four: Pleated Skirt - £55. Yeah, be prepared to see pleated skirts everywhere in the next few months. They are a big trend this season. 

Photo five: Leather Ankle Boots - £95. Black boats are a classic but i love the fact these boots allow the ankle to be visible. 

Photo six: Pleated Skirt - £69. Dark grey is such an underrated colour. 

Photo seven: Leather Tote - £165. I am in need of a new work bag and i think i have found the one. 

Photo eight: Cotten T-shirt - £19. I love the neckline of this t-shirt. Something like this is perfect for making an minimalistic outfit stand out. 

Photo nine: Mohair Blend Scarf - £35. I like my scarves to be quite plain. That way i can use them with most outfits. 

Photo ten: Textured Knit Sweater - £39. The pattern and colours in this jumper make for a really eye-catching item. 

Photo eleven: Strip Knit Dress - £55. Classic. 

Photo twelve: Patent Leather Mini Skirt - £145. If you feel like jazzing up your mini skirts, go for patent. 

Photo thirteen: Square Toe Leather Ankle Boots - £125. Hi my name is Alex and from September to April i have a boot addiction. 

Photo fourteen: Faux Fur Coat - £165. I have no words. 

Photo fifthteen teen: Double Slit Skirt - £69. Do not be afraid to wear colours like this for fear of them washing you out. Making a statement with colour does not necessarily mean wearing bright colours. The slits on this dress as well are perfection. 

Photo sixteen: Mohair Blend Sweater - £65. I was sold at Mohair. 

Photo seventeen: Night Sky Jacquard Sweater- £65. This is a jumper you can have so much fun with this season. I would defiantly recommend investing in a funky jumper for A/W. 



Monday, 19 October 2015

19.10.15 PLAYLIST

As well as making playlists on Spotify for my blog, i also make other playlists that i keep just for myself. Most of them are just new music that i need to hear, so i shove them all in a playlist so that i can listen to them throughout the week. Most of these playlists start the ball rolling for the playlists that i post on my blog.

On my walk home from work today, I was listening to my most current playlist of mishmash songs. It turned out that despite the songs and artist being such a weird mix, the playlist really suited my mood for my walk. So decided this evening that i would share it with you!

On my walk home I came across some powered paint (which you can see in the photograph above) and throughly enjoyed allowing it to stick to the bottom of my shoes which then left pink foot prints behind me for the rest of my journey home.

The Saturday just past i went to see a band called Girls Names play at The Musician Pub in Leicester (photographed above). Girls Names formed in 2009 in Belfast, Ireland. The four members of the band are Cathal Cully, Claire Miskimmin, Gib Cassidy, and Phil Quinn. A week or two before i had listened to a few tracks off of their new album Arms Around A Vision and was really into their post punk sound. So understandably i was keen to see them live when i heard they were playing in my area. The tightness of the band and the quality of performance they gave, made the gig a lot of fucking fun and a pleasure to be at! I have added some of their tracks from their new album to my Spotify playlist that is posted below, so make sure you give them a listen.

I hope this playlist keeps you going until the weekend!!




Saturday, 17 October 2015


coat: whistles
top: urban outfitters
skirt: zara
boots: office

It has been a while since i did my last outfit post. The reason for this has been due to lack of inspiration. Usually i get my style inspiration from people around me. Random people i pass by and think "Love that outfit!", "I'm digging her shoes", "Wizard top!", etc. However, recently everyones style around me seems to be very similar, generic, and unexciting. 

I am craving the risk takers, the bold dressers and the people that just do not give a shit. Because for me, that is where true originality and inspiration comes from. 

There is a particular story that my family/boyfriend will tell when they want to sum me up. Well i say story, it is more like one of them will go: "Remember the time that Alex turned up to an animal farm park wearing white jeans and a massive furry leopard print coat". I am fully aware that this makes me come across a bit of a pretentious dick, however i think the core of this is that no matter where i am going, i am going to wear what the fuck i want, regardless of what other people think. 

So if you are feel uninspired with style/fashion at the moment, throw the rule book out the window and think "To hell with it!" and wear what you want. Dressing up at home and trying on pieces of clothing that you wouldn't usually put together can lead to some amazing outfits. Mix patterns, colours, layers, and textures. The crazier, the better! 


Saturday, 10 October 2015


Online browsing has become so much more pleasurable recently now that shops have their A/W15 stock in. However, there is the down side to this as i am now completely skint. At the start of the month i said to myself that all i was going to purchase for the next few weeks was a new winter coat and a new pair of boots... well as you can guess that went to shit the minute i got hold of a laptop. 

Recently i have been so impressed with Zara, and have been absolutely loving what they have been producing. For me, they have nailed the balance between keeping to their original style of the brand and the current trends of the moment. 

As per usual there is quite the mix of items on my wish list. I am currently really into texture (like i am every single Autumn/Winter!) so i am drawn to anything velvet/fluffy/leather. 

Photo 1: The Jumper. I love this jumper for many reasons. It is a really classic piece that you can work with anything, particularly if you are into the gothic trend this season. 

Photo 2: The coat. I have so many different coats it is ridiculous! What i like about this coat and what makes it stand out to me is the length. There are so many long coats around at the moment, that it is quite refreshing to see a coat with a big furry collar that is a medium length. 

Photo 3: The dress. A simple long navy jumper dress is pretty damn unbeatable in my opinion. 

Photo 4: The top: Anything top with stripes, ANYTHING... and i will take it. I like the variation of stripes in this top and the wide sleeves. 

Photo 5: The boots. Black. 1960's style. Enough said. 

Photo 6: The top. I thought the colour and paint like pattern to this top was really delicate and pretty. A top that would be lovely to wear pottering about at home or even at the pub for a drink. 

Photo 7: The dress. I actually went into Zara to try this dress on and fell head over heels in love with it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in stock and i could have literally cried. I even debated getting the size bigger because i loved it so much. In the end i left the shop telling myself i will buy it through the website. 

Photo 8: The dress: Simple black dress with a ruffled twist. Whats not to like?

Photo 9: The bag. I am in need of a new work bag and thought this would be perfect. It is big enough so i can fit all my shit in there but beautiful enough so people will be fooled into thinking it is not my work bag. 

I would love to hear what high streets stores you think have set the bar high for A/W15. You can comment below or tweet me



Monday, 5 October 2015


my selfie with the eiffel tower

A few weeks ago i went on a two week road trip of France. I went to France last year and fell in love with the culture and scenery. It was highly unlikely that i was going to turn down an offer to go again this year. 

I have always felt slightly ashamed of the fact that i had never been to Paris before this year. Particularly now that we have a thing called the euro star that can get you there in two hours! I have always been fascinated by the romance and lust of Paris and France. I am proberly a hopeless romantic, but there is something comforting about a city which allows you to indulge in passion and the whole "no regrets" philosophy. 

The road trip began with two nights in Paris, three nights in Dordogne, and finished up with seven nights in Perpignan. In paris we spent the day visiting the Louvre Museum, being proper tourists gazing up at the Eiffel Tower and drinking champagne at the Moulin Rouge in the evening. The majority of our time in Dordogne was spent by the pool sunbathing, swimming, and pissing about on water slides. Our final week in Perpignan was a week of relaxation. We swam, sunbathed, walked along the beach, ate too much brie, drank cocktails until we were drunk and played pool into the night. We also ended up taking a day trip to Barcelona as it was only a two hour drive away from where we were staying. I would love to spend more time in the city as it was truly breath taking. 

I had planned to take photographs of all my outfits whilst on holiday, however i have two excuses, the first being i forgot to pack my camera charger (clever i know) and the second... i spent most of my time in a bikini. 

I did however capture two outfits from my time in France. Both dresses, as i felt too hot to wear anytime more covering. 

Dress one. 

dress: urban outfitters

I love this dress. Deeply and truly, i do. The sleeves really captured my heart when i tried it on, that i knew i couldn't part with it. The shape and cut of the dress is a copy of a design from the 1950's which i thought was really fun and classic to wear on my holiday in France. I paired them with a pair of black Birkenstocks (aka. the ONLY shoes i wore on holiday, despite packing 10 pairs). 

Dress Two.

dress: topshop

This dress had been sat in my wardrobe for a few months as i had brought it a while back as something to wear for a night out. Yet whilst i was packing i remembered it was in there and BINGO i had the perfect holiday dress without having to spend more money! I wore this dress on my day trip to Barcelona and boy am i glad i did. It was fucking hot! Again, this was paired with the Birkenstocks. I quite liked playing down the dress which was lace and off the shoulders, with the Birkenstocks, making it more of a casual outfit. 

As much as i like Summer. I love Autumn more and i am truly thankful i can wear my fluffy coats and boots now.

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