Monday, 19 October 2015

19.10.15 PLAYLIST

As well as making playlists on Spotify for my blog, i also make other playlists that i keep just for myself. Most of them are just new music that i need to hear, so i shove them all in a playlist so that i can listen to them throughout the week. Most of these playlists start the ball rolling for the playlists that i post on my blog.

On my walk home from work today, I was listening to my most current playlist of mishmash songs. It turned out that despite the songs and artist being such a weird mix, the playlist really suited my mood for my walk. So decided this evening that i would share it with you!

On my walk home I came across some powered paint (which you can see in the photograph above) and throughly enjoyed allowing it to stick to the bottom of my shoes which then left pink foot prints behind me for the rest of my journey home.

The Saturday just past i went to see a band called Girls Names play at The Musician Pub in Leicester (photographed above). Girls Names formed in 2009 in Belfast, Ireland. The four members of the band are Cathal Cully, Claire Miskimmin, Gib Cassidy, and Phil Quinn. A week or two before i had listened to a few tracks off of their new album Arms Around A Vision and was really into their post punk sound. So understandably i was keen to see them live when i heard they were playing in my area. The tightness of the band and the quality of performance they gave, made the gig a lot of fucking fun and a pleasure to be at! I have added some of their tracks from their new album to my Spotify playlist that is posted below, so make sure you give them a listen.

I hope this playlist keeps you going until the weekend!!




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