Monday, 5 October 2015


my selfie with the eiffel tower

A few weeks ago i went on a two week road trip of France. I went to France last year and fell in love with the culture and scenery. It was highly unlikely that i was going to turn down an offer to go again this year. 

I have always felt slightly ashamed of the fact that i had never been to Paris before this year. Particularly now that we have a thing called the euro star that can get you there in two hours! I have always been fascinated by the romance and lust of Paris and France. I am proberly a hopeless romantic, but there is something comforting about a city which allows you to indulge in passion and the whole "no regrets" philosophy. 

The road trip began with two nights in Paris, three nights in Dordogne, and finished up with seven nights in Perpignan. In paris we spent the day visiting the Louvre Museum, being proper tourists gazing up at the Eiffel Tower and drinking champagne at the Moulin Rouge in the evening. The majority of our time in Dordogne was spent by the pool sunbathing, swimming, and pissing about on water slides. Our final week in Perpignan was a week of relaxation. We swam, sunbathed, walked along the beach, ate too much brie, drank cocktails until we were drunk and played pool into the night. We also ended up taking a day trip to Barcelona as it was only a two hour drive away from where we were staying. I would love to spend more time in the city as it was truly breath taking. 

I had planned to take photographs of all my outfits whilst on holiday, however i have two excuses, the first being i forgot to pack my camera charger (clever i know) and the second... i spent most of my time in a bikini. 

I did however capture two outfits from my time in France. Both dresses, as i felt too hot to wear anytime more covering. 

Dress one. 

dress: urban outfitters

I love this dress. Deeply and truly, i do. The sleeves really captured my heart when i tried it on, that i knew i couldn't part with it. The shape and cut of the dress is a copy of a design from the 1950's which i thought was really fun and classic to wear on my holiday in France. I paired them with a pair of black Birkenstocks (aka. the ONLY shoes i wore on holiday, despite packing 10 pairs). 

Dress Two.

dress: topshop

This dress had been sat in my wardrobe for a few months as i had brought it a while back as something to wear for a night out. Yet whilst i was packing i remembered it was in there and BINGO i had the perfect holiday dress without having to spend more money! I wore this dress on my day trip to Barcelona and boy am i glad i did. It was fucking hot! Again, this was paired with the Birkenstocks. I quite liked playing down the dress which was lace and off the shoulders, with the Birkenstocks, making it more of a casual outfit. 

As much as i like Summer. I love Autumn more and i am truly thankful i can wear my fluffy coats and boots now.


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