Saturday, 17 October 2015


coat: whistles
top: urban outfitters
skirt: zara
boots: office

It has been a while since i did my last outfit post. The reason for this has been due to lack of inspiration. Usually i get my style inspiration from people around me. Random people i pass by and think "Love that outfit!", "I'm digging her shoes", "Wizard top!", etc. However, recently everyones style around me seems to be very similar, generic, and unexciting. 

I am craving the risk takers, the bold dressers and the people that just do not give a shit. Because for me, that is where true originality and inspiration comes from. 

There is a particular story that my family/boyfriend will tell when they want to sum me up. Well i say story, it is more like one of them will go: "Remember the time that Alex turned up to an animal farm park wearing white jeans and a massive furry leopard print coat". I am fully aware that this makes me come across a bit of a pretentious dick, however i think the core of this is that no matter where i am going, i am going to wear what the fuck i want, regardless of what other people think. 

So if you are feel uninspired with style/fashion at the moment, throw the rule book out the window and think "To hell with it!" and wear what you want. Dressing up at home and trying on pieces of clothing that you wouldn't usually put together can lead to some amazing outfits. Mix patterns, colours, layers, and textures. The crazier, the better! 


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