Saturday, 10 October 2015


Online browsing has become so much more pleasurable recently now that shops have their A/W15 stock in. However, there is the down side to this as i am now completely skint. At the start of the month i said to myself that all i was going to purchase for the next few weeks was a new winter coat and a new pair of boots... well as you can guess that went to shit the minute i got hold of a laptop. 

Recently i have been so impressed with Zara, and have been absolutely loving what they have been producing. For me, they have nailed the balance between keeping to their original style of the brand and the current trends of the moment. 

As per usual there is quite the mix of items on my wish list. I am currently really into texture (like i am every single Autumn/Winter!) so i am drawn to anything velvet/fluffy/leather. 

Photo 1: The Jumper. I love this jumper for many reasons. It is a really classic piece that you can work with anything, particularly if you are into the gothic trend this season. 

Photo 2: The coat. I have so many different coats it is ridiculous! What i like about this coat and what makes it stand out to me is the length. There are so many long coats around at the moment, that it is quite refreshing to see a coat with a big furry collar that is a medium length. 

Photo 3: The dress. A simple long navy jumper dress is pretty damn unbeatable in my opinion. 

Photo 4: The top: Anything top with stripes, ANYTHING... and i will take it. I like the variation of stripes in this top and the wide sleeves. 

Photo 5: The boots. Black. 1960's style. Enough said. 

Photo 6: The top. I thought the colour and paint like pattern to this top was really delicate and pretty. A top that would be lovely to wear pottering about at home or even at the pub for a drink. 

Photo 7: The dress. I actually went into Zara to try this dress on and fell head over heels in love with it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in stock and i could have literally cried. I even debated getting the size bigger because i loved it so much. In the end i left the shop telling myself i will buy it through the website. 

Photo 8: The dress: Simple black dress with a ruffled twist. Whats not to like?

Photo 9: The bag. I am in need of a new work bag and thought this would be perfect. It is big enough so i can fit all my shit in there but beautiful enough so people will be fooled into thinking it is not my work bag. 

I would love to hear what high streets stores you think have set the bar high for A/W15. You can comment below or tweet me



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