Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Before "selfies" were even called selfies. 18 Years Old 

With friends. 17 Years Old (I am the one on the far right)

When i used to go to the pub and order a pitcher of Sex on The Beach all for myself. 17 Years Old

At my schools 6th form leavers party. 18 Years Old

17 Years Old

Absolutely twated in Enigma (My towns only night club) 17 Years Old

At a New Years Eve party. 18 Years Old. 

At a house party. 18 Years Old. (I'm the pissed one at the end)

Whilst on my routinely walk to work this morning, i decided to delve into one of my really old playlists on Spotify. All of a sudden i was reminising and thinking of the times when i used to listen to those particular songs. I then came up with an idea to do a mini music series on my blog. I thought it would be cool if i made a few playlists that showed you what music i used to listen to in my younger years. The first one is music from 2010 - 2011, making my age at those times 17 and 18.  
Then i will make one for music i used to listen to when i was 14-16 and lastly one for when i was 19-21. All will be accompanied with charming photographs of myself at that age. 

I have to say, i defiantly think my most funniest/wild years were when i was 17/18. I used to spend all of my time with friends, driving around, getting drunk... A LOT, camping, house parties, etc. It was just that age where i experienced so much for the first time. I was determined to have as much fun as possible and do whatever the fuck i wanted to do. For my 18th birthday i hired a bouncy castle, got all my friends over and we all got pissed. Warning: Being really drunk on a bouncy castle can be fairly dangerous! ... there was man...woman...ok! ME overboard at one point, i.e i fell over the side and landed on my ass on the hard grass. 

I had a lot of emotions at this age and found i really developed a connection to music... particular when i was upset/angry and didn't know how to process what i was feeling. 

Listening to this playlist and looking back at all my old photographs, i would say i have certainly changed a lot. I was finding out who i was back then and now i have a pretty good idea who that is. I may have changed in my appearance, but i am still the crazy, free spirt on the inside.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Who knows, maybe it'll will be nostalgic for you too!



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