Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Yes i admit to it... I love christmas music!

Since childhood i have been a BIG christmas person. It has always been my favourite time of year and even as i have gotten older i have never lost the excitement and anticipation that i feel when December rolls around. 

I always think there is something nice about the fact that as individuals we all have our different tastes in music, however when a christmas song comes on the radio, we all know the words and can sing along with each other. It is one of the things that brings people together. And whats better than singing Fairytale of New York when your really really pissed!

Today i have put together a playlist that is only made up of my absolute favourites from the christmas season. There is a mixture of some classics and some lesser know tracks from christmas albums that have been brought out by artists in the past. 

I hope you enjoy listening to it and get into the christmas spirit. 




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