Tuesday, 8 December 2015


First of all i would just like to apologise about the quality of my photographs. Until i either find my charger to my Canon camera or buy a new one, i have to settle for my iPhone. And until i get more time to go out with an assistant photographer, it is just me taking them myself. The struggles of balancing a full time job and blogging are real! 

I think i have stated before in another post that Zara have firmly become my current favourite high street store to shop in. I have found that of recent times my style has become slightly minimalistic and Zara have been perfect for offering up great basic pieces to suit this. The other day i came across this pleated midi skirt and thought it would be a great versatile item in my wardrobe for this season. One of the things i like the most about it is its suede effect material. 

Today i have dressed it down with a woollen jumper and some metallic flats. It would be just as easy to dress up with a black lace cami and a pair of heels, which makes it perfect for the coming party season. 



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