Sunday, 27 March 2016


coat: whistles
dress: zara
shoes: dr martins
neckerchief: clares
sunglasses: topshop

I hope you have all had a nice Easter weekend. I have spent mine with my family, eating lots of good food, most of that being chocolate.

I always love this time of year as i get to see my friends and family a lot more. Around Easter time everyone comes back home to see their families and i like to get in on the action and see faces that i rarely get to. My family are big fans of a big get together, so when we all manage to get some free time we like to impose on each others houses and eat food.
With the Easter holidays usually comes my birthday. Something i would say i feel 40% excitement about and the rest of the 60% is dread, sorrow and the "oh shit I'm getting old" feeling. I turn 23 this year which feels scarily grown up. However, that is not for another two weeks so... i still get to live in the glory of being 22 years old now for a little bit.

As today was a BIG eating day, i new i needed something loose to wear. I always suffer from really bad bloat no matter what i eat but it's worse when I'm pretty much eating all day. I went with a navy and white striped jersey dress that i brought from Zara a few weeks ago. I am hoping that the weather is going to start getting warmer soon as i am getting a bit sick of wearing my big winter coat. Don't get me wrong, i love my Whistles coat and it has been a good alley to me this winter, however i feel like the time is right for something new.

Enjoy eating your leftover easter eggs!


Friday, 25 March 2016


This evening i have put together a small playlist for anyone who is in need of a chilled night in bed. 

Hopefully the songs i have picked will make you feel relaxed and help you drift off into peaceful sleep. In the past i myself have listened to most of these songs to help me get off to the land of nod. After a busy week, sometimes there is nothing better then making yourself a hot drink and curling up into bed. Unless you are like me who sees one bit of sunshine and drags there boyfriend to a pub garden at 3:30pm where they proceed to get pissed on cider, then needs to go lay in bed at 8pm on a Friday night. 




Tuesday, 22 March 2016


One thing i love most in the world is when i get to reunite with my pals.

Being an adult sucks ass sometimes and when you have to do grown up things like work, it can leave little time for you to see your friends, particularly when they do not live in the same city as you do.
Today i met up with one of my good friends Yvonne and i had the best time!

We went to this really cool deli place in town and spent a good long while catching up whist drinking cappuccinos and hot chocolates. After that we pottered around town, browsing in vintage shops and poking round an historic building, which had ping pong in the court yard bit. It is fair to say neither myself or Yvonne will turn pro.

I took a couple of outfit photographs. I feel like these will start to get more frequent however you will have to bare with me as i really struggle with feelings of self consciousness when it comes to photographing my full body.

I hope you are having a good start to the week.


Sunday, 20 March 2016



When that crack of light sneaks it's way into your bedroom you know another day is upon you.

Getting up on a Sunday is never easy... well it never is for me. I like to stay in bed for as long as possible, have a cup of tea and catch up on some vlogs/programs. Today however i have to work. So i have gotten up, made myself some breakfast and returned to my bedroom to start the process of turning myself into an acceptable human being.

The songs on the playlist today are fairly relaxed and really nice as background music whilst you potter about this morning.




Saturday, 19 March 2016


It has been really refreshing walking into stores recently and seeing all the new spring/summer collections. As you may be able to guess by the title of this blog, all these new pieces had to find a home to go to somewhere... so i willing offered up mine. The past couple of months i have found some very lovely items that have fit very nicely in my wardrobe. I have also discovered that as well as having a clothes addiction, i also have a shoe addiction. Soon i think i will have to have a massive clear out of all my old clothes/shoes, because right now i have piles of shit everywhere and it is not pretty.

Looking at the photographs i have taken of some of the pieces i have brought in the past couple of months, i defiantly have a colour theme going on. This season i have been loving the colour mustard, which is quite odd as i couple of years ago i couldn't stand the colour. The pieces i am showing you i have purchased from different stores... but mostly Zara.

Lemon dress - ZARA

For years i have adored anything with a realistic lemon pattern on it. Finally, the pattern is coming back into trend and i can indulge in pieces like this. I cannot wait to wear this dress in the summer!


If you have been a follower of my blog for a while you will know about my love affair with & Other Stories. I adore literally everything that they do! I saw this dress when i was in London one weekend and went into the store. I am pretty sure i made a beeline for it... and then the till. 

Like i said, I'm into the colour mustard. If you want to add a stylish edge to a basic outfit, then a coloured jacket is the way to go. There are so many about at the moment that the choice is almost overwhelming. 

I really liked the simplicity of this jumper. A really nice pale delicate daisy print on a basic navy background. Lovely. When i have been wearing this i have been layering it over a navy suede midi skirt that i got from Zara. 

I really love wide leg trousers but have always presumed my body type wouldn't suit them. However, when i was in Zara and saw these i decided to just go for it and thought 'What the fuck! If i like them and want to wear them then i'll just fucking do it!'. I can really picture myself on holiday wearing these with a basic white t-shirt tucked in at the waist. 

Something that has been missing from my wardrobe for a while is a pair of light blue jeans. I really liked this pair because of how they are cut at the bottom. I love the fact they finish above my ankle and have rips and scuffs on them. 

 Now these little beauties go very nicely with the jeans above. I thought they are really versatile and would go with pretty much everything. 

Yes, i jumped on the old white trainer banded wagon. The thought of wearing trainers when not running or doing exercise used to make me shudder, but now i see that styled right these can finish off a casual outfit nicely. I have a pair of navy culottes that i have been wearing these with and can honestly say that it is nice to have my feet in a pair of comfortable shoes for once. 

I purchased these the other day because i was out shopping with my mum and the shoes that i had on were absolutely fucking ripping my feet to shreds. These however felt like heaven when i put them on and i no longer had to walk in agony. Also, what else is better than a silver shoe?

I hope you have enjoyed my mini Spring Clothing/Shoe Haul. I am looking forward to when the weather gets a bit more warmer and i can get proper use out of these items!
I have tried to add links to all the titles for the items, however the first two i couldn't find on the websites. Hopefully sometime in the future i will do some outfit posts where i am wearing some of the pieces in. 


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