Saturday, 19 March 2016


It has been really refreshing walking into stores recently and seeing all the new spring/summer collections. As you may be able to guess by the title of this blog, all these new pieces had to find a home to go to somewhere... so i willing offered up mine. The past couple of months i have found some very lovely items that have fit very nicely in my wardrobe. I have also discovered that as well as having a clothes addiction, i also have a shoe addiction. Soon i think i will have to have a massive clear out of all my old clothes/shoes, because right now i have piles of shit everywhere and it is not pretty.

Looking at the photographs i have taken of some of the pieces i have brought in the past couple of months, i defiantly have a colour theme going on. This season i have been loving the colour mustard, which is quite odd as i couple of years ago i couldn't stand the colour. The pieces i am showing you i have purchased from different stores... but mostly Zara.

Lemon dress - ZARA

For years i have adored anything with a realistic lemon pattern on it. Finally, the pattern is coming back into trend and i can indulge in pieces like this. I cannot wait to wear this dress in the summer!


If you have been a follower of my blog for a while you will know about my love affair with & Other Stories. I adore literally everything that they do! I saw this dress when i was in London one weekend and went into the store. I am pretty sure i made a beeline for it... and then the till. 

Like i said, I'm into the colour mustard. If you want to add a stylish edge to a basic outfit, then a coloured jacket is the way to go. There are so many about at the moment that the choice is almost overwhelming. 

I really liked the simplicity of this jumper. A really nice pale delicate daisy print on a basic navy background. Lovely. When i have been wearing this i have been layering it over a navy suede midi skirt that i got from Zara. 

I really love wide leg trousers but have always presumed my body type wouldn't suit them. However, when i was in Zara and saw these i decided to just go for it and thought 'What the fuck! If i like them and want to wear them then i'll just fucking do it!'. I can really picture myself on holiday wearing these with a basic white t-shirt tucked in at the waist. 

Something that has been missing from my wardrobe for a while is a pair of light blue jeans. I really liked this pair because of how they are cut at the bottom. I love the fact they finish above my ankle and have rips and scuffs on them. 

 Now these little beauties go very nicely with the jeans above. I thought they are really versatile and would go with pretty much everything. 

Yes, i jumped on the old white trainer banded wagon. The thought of wearing trainers when not running or doing exercise used to make me shudder, but now i see that styled right these can finish off a casual outfit nicely. I have a pair of navy culottes that i have been wearing these with and can honestly say that it is nice to have my feet in a pair of comfortable shoes for once. 

I purchased these the other day because i was out shopping with my mum and the shoes that i had on were absolutely fucking ripping my feet to shreds. These however felt like heaven when i put them on and i no longer had to walk in agony. Also, what else is better than a silver shoe?

I hope you have enjoyed my mini Spring Clothing/Shoe Haul. I am looking forward to when the weather gets a bit more warmer and i can get proper use out of these items!
I have tried to add links to all the titles for the items, however the first two i couldn't find on the websites. Hopefully sometime in the future i will do some outfit posts where i am wearing some of the pieces in. 



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