Sunday, 27 March 2016


coat: whistles
dress: zara
shoes: dr martins
neckerchief: clares
sunglasses: topshop

I hope you have all had a nice Easter weekend. I have spent mine with my family, eating lots of good food, most of that being chocolate.

I always love this time of year as i get to see my friends and family a lot more. Around Easter time everyone comes back home to see their families and i like to get in on the action and see faces that i rarely get to. My family are big fans of a big get together, so when we all manage to get some free time we like to impose on each others houses and eat food.
With the Easter holidays usually comes my birthday. Something i would say i feel 40% excitement about and the rest of the 60% is dread, sorrow and the "oh shit I'm getting old" feeling. I turn 23 this year which feels scarily grown up. However, that is not for another two weeks so... i still get to live in the glory of being 22 years old now for a little bit.

As today was a BIG eating day, i new i needed something loose to wear. I always suffer from really bad bloat no matter what i eat but it's worse when I'm pretty much eating all day. I went with a navy and white striped jersey dress that i brought from Zara a few weeks ago. I am hoping that the weather is going to start getting warmer soon as i am getting a bit sick of wearing my big winter coat. Don't get me wrong, i love my Whistles coat and it has been a good alley to me this winter, however i feel like the time is right for something new.

Enjoy eating your leftover easter eggs!


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