Monday, 19 September 2016

19.09.16 PLAYLIST

Yesterday i finally got a chance to sit down and listen to all the recently released music that i missed whilst i was busy with holiday prep and then while i was away. I had so many great new albums to catch up on and really enjoyed going through them all and saving them in my Spotify.

I have made a little playlist of some of the tracks that i really enjoyed. These are just a few of my favourites so i would recommend listening to the whole of the albums as well. My top three tracks on the playlist are Villainy - Local Natives, Dragons Bones - Jamie T, and Randy - Justice.



Sunday, 18 September 2016


Yesterday for the first time ever, i spent my day filming and editing a video with the intention of putting it on Youtube/the internet.

I had seen a couple of videos on youtube of people capturing what they do/where they currently are in life. I thought it was a cool idea and something that would be interesting to look back on in the future, because isn't that the whole point of youtube? Videos to look back on when your older. Well, thats how i think of it anyway. I always thought that if i ever were to get into youtube that it would be something i could look back on when I'm old and can't remember what i was like in my youth. It would never been something i would ever take too seriously. Obviously i would want to take pride in what i put out there but i would hope that i would not be completely absorbed into the Youtube world and always remember that its just a bit of fun.

Turns out that i think of myself as too much of a wanker to be on youtube. I spent all day filming the content of this video and had a clear idea in my head of the concept and how i wanted it to look. Then i spent another few hours editing it, which i am not a natural at either. When all was done i watched it back and was completely mortified. Ugh do i really look like that? Surely my voice doesn't actually sound like that? Why did i say that? Why did i do this? This is so cringy!! ... were just some of the thoughts that entered my head. I couldn't stand to watch it so the thought of putting it out into the internet for other people to see terrified me.

I wondered if the youtube world was full of people who just loved themselves and have a lot of confidence. But then i thought that it might be more me and my lack of confidence. It's a strange world that i like to watch but really do not think i will ever become a part of. I would like to blog more regularly though as this is something i really do enjoy.

So, the video i made will at this point never make it onto the internet. However, i have put together some of the "outtakes" from the filming process. It is mainly clips of myself not knowing what to do/generally pissing about/being vain/being awkward/messing with my hair. Get ready for some major pouting!! For some reason i am ok with the public seeing something where i am mocking myself but being serious isn't something i feel comfortable putting out there. Enjoy.


Friday, 16 September 2016


On the 3rd of September i got the privilege to go to the south of France for the 3rd year running. Usually we like to be quite cultural on our holidays and go visit as many places as we can and look at arty farty stuff, however this year i was really looking forward to laying on a beach with sand in my toes and the sun burning down on my pale skin. Pretty much just doing fuck all.

This year we stayed in Port Grimaud and it was beautiful. I spent most of my days either laying next to a pool or on the sand at a stunning beach. We really lucked out with the weather as well. The temperature each day was around 30c and i finally got a decent tan for once.

One day we decided to stop being complete lazy bastards and took a short boat trip to Saint Tropez, which was just heaven for me. I got to be a major pervert looking at all the designer shops. I also stood outside gawping at the Dior House for quite a lengthy time, which may have caused a bit of suspicion.

I got to try paddle boarding for the first time ever, which was fun yet dramatic. After wading around for a bit on my knees, i finally plucked up the courage to stand up on my board and use my paddle to glide around the blue sea. A little over 5 minutes of this i made the mistake of thinking, Oh yeah this is easy. Shortly after this thought i lost my balance and toppled off my board falling backwards into the ocean. At this i lost my favourite sunglasses and sulked for the rest of the day.

I can truly saying it was a very relaxing couple of weeks, which to me is the whole point of a holiday.

I also create a little video from the trip. It was my first time making and editing one so its a little rustic.

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